What Eats Ticks? There Are Many of Them!

Not all people are familiar with a species of arachnids called ticks. This small animal has a length of about 5 mm. They have a similar class to mites. So, what eats ticks?

Humans know ticks as a harmful animal. They live by sucking or feeding on blood! Their targets vary including amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Before talking about their predators, you need to know more about these blood-sucking pests! Here is a fact. They live across nations, especially in countries that have humid and warm climates.

Ticks-Eating Animals

Ticks-Eating Animals

Many of you may wonder what animals that eat ticks. There are many of them! That is the answer. Ticks are indeed a pest and they seem invincible. However, they also become prey for others.

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Here are some animals that hunt and eat ticks.

1. Chickens

It is a fact. Chickens eat almost anything! They are scavengers and would love to eat ticks, as well. However, they do not hunt these pests. It can be said that they eat them accidentally.

When eating grasses, they would swallow anything that sticks on these. Ticks often reside and live there, so they cannot escape chicken’s bite! Only roaming chickens become a threat to ticks, though.

2. Fire Ants

People often take advantage of fire ants to eliminate or eradicate ticks. Even though fire ants are considered harmful due to their burning bites, they are quite effective to reduce the population of those pests.

It is a good idea to get some fire ants to your house. It becomes a solution to deal with ticks. However, you must limit their number. Otherwise, these ants would be a problem in your home.

3. Guinea Fowl

This species of bird is abundant in Africa. Due to their popularity, many people in the United States also take care of them as a pet. One of the reasons is their ability to reduce ticks’ population!

In nature, guinea fowl is an insect eater. Thus, ticks are not an exception. They roam along with their friends and eat grasses abundantly. This way, ticks have no places to hide or run from them.

4. Turkeys

Aside from chickens and guinea fowls, wild turkeys also become another predator for ticks. It is because they are fond of eating small insects. Despite the fact, they are less efficient than the other two bird species.

5. Opossums

Not all people believe it. Still, it is a fact! Opossums do eat ticks. They even eat these pests more than other animals. For the information, ticks often live on opossums’ body for sucking blood.

When grooming, opossums would catch ticks and eat them effectively. There would be nothing left! Moreover, they do it regularly. This way, they become a terrifying predator to ticks!

6. Other Bugs

Aside from those animals above, ticks also have a natural predator, which are other bugs. Many types of insect species eat ticks, including wolf spiders, beetles, and chiggers.

If you want to reduce the population of ticks, you can simply plant various plants in your gardens to lure those bugs. Later, these creatures would get rid of the pests naturally.

Humans Are Ticks’ Predator Too

It is safe to say that humans also become a threat to ticks. People consider this animal as a pest, so they want to get rid of it at all cost. Some professionals or experts work to eradicate ticks, as well.

It is because being a predator does not have to eat the prey. It can be as simple as killing or eradicating its existence. Experienced pest control employee would do this job perfectly, therefore.

Ticks Are Evolving

Ticks Are Evolving

Humans consider this animal as a dangerous and troublesome. It is because they evolve every year and becomes more difficult to prevent. As a result, they may cause a terrible health hazard.

This blood-sucking pest can also cause Lyme disease. Not to mention their population increases over time in the wild. No wonder, people start finding methods to get rid of the problem.

One of the simplest solutions is to get some natural enemies or predators of ticks, as mentioned before. Another solution is to hire a professional pest control who can work efficiently.

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Ticks infect or infest at field mice. If the mice contain Lyme disease, the ticks are also infected by it. Later, ticks spread to houses and suck humans’ blood. As a result, the disease infects people, as well.

Being a threat to humans, ticks must be eradicated as soon as possible! Several birds, ants, and bugs have become a natural predator to this pest. If you want to get one, you need to pay attention to the amount.

Having too many chickens in your gardens, for example, may cause damages to the yard. Besides, if you get too many fire ants in your house, they would go wild and cause problems.

So, what eats ticks? They are chicken, guinea fowl, fire ants, turkeys, opossums, and bugs. Despite the fact, humans also become a reason why ticks’ population reduces.

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