17+ Creative Linen Closet Organization Ideas

Getting tired of seeing the cluttered linen closed? If you are finally having time to reorganize the whole thing, then consider to take inspiration from these linen closet organization ideas below. They might give you an idea of how to create neat arrangement.

Due to the accumulated years, or maybe decades, of collecting linen items such as bedding sheets, towels, and others, your closet may be overflowed. Instead of accepting the chaos it provides, you can resolve it by using the help of these useful ideas. It might get you to want to show off your linen closet instead of hiding it.

  1. Hall linen closet organization

Hall linen closet organization

The first rule of doing any linen closet organization ideas is to toss out everything out. You’d be shocked to see the amounts of things that you don’t actually use or need, most of them are probably have worn out and have to be thrown.

The hallway linen closet above uses mostly big sized baskets to organize the items, such as bed sheets, pillowcases, and pillow covers. Notice how the basket at the bottom used to contain toilet paper too.

  1. Small linen closet organization

Small linen closet organization

As linen closet usually built in smaller depth size between 12 and 24 inch, it is necessary to utilize the space wisely in order to maximize the function. However, it still allows you to arrange sheets and towel comfortably without looking stuffed.

Consider using the small closet to store your unused candles or excess toilet paper. It adds functionality to the nook and crook of the closet which aren’t big enough to put your fabrics.

  1. Linen Closet with Dividers

Linen Closet with Dividers

One of the easiest linen closet organization ideas is to put plastic dividers between the different items to create neat separation. It is such a good idea to put your sheets and towels with enough distance in-between but not to waste space.

In the linen closet picture above, the gray bins at the bottom space is placed nicely so the owner doesn’t just let toilet paper to be stored in open bag. You can copy this idea too.

  1. Wire basket linen organization

Wire basket linen organization

Wire bin makes a great organizational tool, especially if you choose the ones that have liners. It can store and conceal any cleaning supplies, small items, toilet paper, and such. Some of them come with handle at sides to make it easier for you to carry.

Take a note at how neatly the bedding sets were separated by size and pattern, then folded neatly. Also, the frequently used items like towel are put on shelf instead of basket.

  1. Decorative linen closet

Decorative linen closet

For you who have a knack for house design, you can even elevate the looks of your linen closet by adding decorative wallpaper on the inside part of it. Fit the wallpaper patterns and colors to match your linens and storage containers.

To organize your closet items, use white shelves like the picture above and maybe several patterned bins. The empty small baskets might be used as hamper when you have guests that stay over at your place.

  1. Folds and rolls linen closet

Folds and rolls linen closet

If you’re one of the people who like to go through your linen closet without cleaning them again as a bad habit, then consider linen closet organization ideas that make you want to show it off to people as motivation.

Instead of boringly stacking your linen collection by folding it, combine the folding and rolling methods. It serves visual variety and helps you to conserve valuable space where you are able to put other items.

  1. Bathroom essential storage closet

Bathroom essential storage closet

Keep the linen closet to look stylish while maintaining the functional aspect of it is totally possible. The picture above is a proof where even though with all the stored everyday bath items; the closet still looks organized and eye-pleasing.

The divided shelves on the closet allow you to separately store your bed sheets, towels, fabrics, and even bath essentials. Even with various types of items, the space doesn’t look cluttered or overwhelmed.

  1. Smart linen closet organization

Smart linen closet organization

There are apparently a lot of linen closet organization ideas that used the space to put away the toiletries tools and items. The difference is the section is parted smartly and effectively by using the back of closet door.

The toiletries are placed inside storage solutions that pinned on the back doors – there is quite a lot of space to enhance for you who are low on the space availability factor. This idea could be applied to your kitchen pantry too.

  1. Towel rack linen closet

Towel rack linen closet

Who knew there is so much storage potential to unfold just by using a simple tool such as towel racks? Open your closet door, install several towel racks on the back of it, then hang your towel, linens, or tablecloths on them.

It is often simple organizers tool such as the towel rack above or shelf dividers that can be the key to arrange your entire closet without having to dig your wallet too deep.

  1. Color-coordinated linen closet

Color-coordinated linen closet

Sometimes, linen closet is the hardest spot to work with compared to the rest of the home. There is a high chance the items inside not properly stored and causing messiness. In this case, use linen closet storage tools like baskets, boxes, and totes.

While incorporating those, create a coordinated and well-styled look by putting matching colors to the items. Placing things with same colors help to achieve this closet appearance.

  1. Linen closet with mini storage zones

Linen closet with mini storage zones

As it has been mentioned, using baskets, boxes, and bins is very important to create neat storage and proper separation between linens. Creating mini storage zones is a great alternative solution if you have dozens of different sizes and types of linens.

Take an inspiration from the linen closet picture above. It uses cloth bins, wire baskets, and fabric boxes to differentiate various items. The bed sheets for guest room, bath towels, dish towels, all are placed in different zones or sections.

  1. Linen closet with rolling hamper

Linen closet with rolling hamper

Rolling hamper that has removable liner is very convenient to use. You can roll the hamper out of its space inside the linen closet easily to collect dirty laundry around your house whenever you need it.

After that, bring the bag of dirty laundry to the laundry room by untying the liner. You don’t have to lug the whole hamper and there is no chance of dropping any items on the way there.

  1. DIY Linen Closet Shelves

DIY Linen Closet Shelves

DIY linen closet organization ideas are always exciting for those who have hard shaped closet space to work with. For example, it doesn’t come in standard sizes or shaped in a non-rectangular way due to the fact that it places on the corner.

In the DIY project above, the shelves are made to fit the width and depth of the closet. It uses wooden material and tools like table saw and circular saw.

  1. Simple Linen Closet Organization

Simple Linen Closet Organization

What’s better than doing simple and easy linen closet organization ideas that can be done just in several hours? This example is one of them.

There is no remodeling or painting involved here. It is simply just about using the right woven bins and wire baskets. It is the perfect home organization if you just started living on your own.

  1. Monochrome Linen Closet Storage

Monochrome Linen Closet Storage

Another simple-looking but great way to transform your linen closet is to use black and white color. It matches perfectly for house with modern or contemporary interior designs. Neutral colored storage tools can be easily found on the market.

Like any other linen closet organization ideas, put the larger items on the top of closet. The frequently used ones are stored on the middle so you have easy access to them.

  1. Soft Pink Themed Linen Closet

Soft Pink Themed Linen Closet

Are you a fan of pink color and floral pattern? If the answer is yes then this one is going to be perfect for you. Every box and basket are chosen in two-toned pink or cute floral to keep the overall girly theme.

For closet items that originally in pink themed colors, use clear plastic bin to provide diversity. Choose the wire shelves in neutral shade to balance the pink.

  1. Stacked Shelving Organizations

Stacked Shelving Organizations

For those of you who are burdened by too much items, a lot of simple and aesthetic looking linen closet organization ideas won’t be fit the amounts of things you have. It often results in cluttered look inside the closet.

The stacked shelves can be the ideal solution to this problem. This picture above uses free-standing shelf unit with several levels to occupy all the linen items.

Who doesn’t love great, magazine worthy linen closet organization ideas that actually can be recreated without involving too much hassle? With little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, prepare yourself to say goodbye to the hasty piles of towels and folded sheet. Well, be ready to welcome the neat and well-arranged closet.

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