20+ Unique Floating Shelf Ideas to Save the Space

Floating shelf ideas – To make sure the stuff will not simply lie around the house, homeowner needs places to accommodate their belongings. For tight space, employing floating shelf ideas might be the best decision. Such shelving unit is not going to take a lot of floor space in the house. The shelf can keep your items extremely well too.

The following ideas for floating shelving unit are not only functional. Designs mentioned in this list are quite unique as well. They will really improve the look of one’s room, making it more special. Let’s take a look at the following list.

  1. Zigzag Floating Wall Shelf 

Zigzag Floating Wall Shelf

This zigzag corner shelf is an amazing sample of floating shelf ideas for smaller houses or apartments. It does not take a lot of space and can actually hold multiple items without making the shelf looking cluttered. This one example is painted in black, which provides stark contrast with the white wall.

  1. Floating Glass Shelf with Metal Hold

Glass Shelf with Metal Hold

Many people prefer glass shelf because it is not difficult to clean, not to mention that it makes the room looking hygienic. This particular shelf is held by sturdy metal thread structure that prevents any slight movement. It is capable of holding various items.

The recommended placement would be somewhere with less traffic because the edges are rather sharp. It is highly suggested to add protective barrier for those corners.

  1. Urban Pipe and Wood Shelf Ideas

Urban Pipe and Wood Shelf

Urban floating shelf ideas like this one are quite hyped these days. The metal pipe structure is very prominent upon first look. This metal frame is maintained as in brownish rusty copper shade to enhance the industrial feeling.

Three wooden planks are used as the shelves. With its structural integrity, it can handle various items really easy. In this case, this shelf is utilized as book and decoration holder.

  1. Bird Cage Style Shelf

Bird Cage Style Shelf

This shelf looks like a bird cage. The frame is made of metal shaped like a bird house with the roof and wall. In order to keep the items upright, a wooden plank is placed at the bottom.

The metal color in this example is kept at its normal color but depending on the room, it can easily be painted into rose gold or other colors. It can handle light to medium weight items with ease.

  1. Tree Trunk Book Shelf

Tree Trunk Book Shelf

Regular book shelf is great, but there are many “one of a kind” floating shelf ideas that can be employed in the house. This particular one consists of several wood panels in varying sizes and shapes.

The panels are arranged so that they would form tree structure at the end. On the nooks you can place book collections which will actually make this makeshift tree blooms. It is a quite demanding Do-It-Yourself project, but the reward is satisfying.

  1. Japanese Style Floating Shelf Ideas

Japanese Style Floating Drawer Shelf

The natural design is very palpable upon the first look. Wooden slab that becomes the main shelf is maintained in its natural shape and given natural finishing work.

There are two drawers underneath the shelf so that homeowner can keep smaller size items. This particular shelving unit is made to handle heavier and larger items because of its sound structure.

  1. Floating Carved Shelf Ideas

Carved Shelf

Unique floating shelf ideas enthusiasts would love this particular design. It is made of wood which is painted in black color. However, the highlights would be the carved patterns on its sides. The carving is handmade and can be seen from the rather intricate design. This one sample is placed outdoor, to display decorations.

  1. Wood Crate Wall Mounted Shelf

Wood Crate Wall Mounted Shelf

Unused wooden crates can be turned into rustic wall mounted shelf like this one. Once the crate has been thoroughly cleaned, it can be secured to the wall with the opening facing front.

The upper part can be used to place items, not just the inner side. Since it is structurally sturdy, you can place heavier items like dining ware on the shelf.

  1. LED Lit Floating Glass Shelf

LED Lit Floating Glass Shelf

Are you more interested in modern floating shelf ideas? This one is made of glass material with metal frame. What makes it sophisticated is the LED lighting from under the glass shelf.

If the light is turned on, any item placed above the shelf will be illuminated by bright white color. In this example, the shelf is used for potted plants. However, you can also display liquor collections on the shelf.

  1. Rustic Wooden Plank Shelf

Rustic Wooden Plank Shelf

If you adore rustic style furniture, the shelf is an impeccable choice. This shelf is arranged by several wooden planks with natural finish. The planks vary in sizes and arranged in non-uniformed manner.

This plank structure becomes the main anchor for the thick wooden shelves. This shelving unit is mainly used for decorations and it indeed brings something fresh to the room.

  1. Single Rope Floating Shelf Ideas

Single Rope Shelf

This is one of floating shelf ideas often employed in aesthetic focused houses. Upon first glance, it looks like a swing. The sturdiness of this shelving unit depends on how strong and tight the rope structure is and how accommodating its wooden plank.

This particular one can hold potted plant and few books just fine. It needs to be installed close to the wall for extra support.

  1. Sliding Door Floating Shelf

Sliding Door Floating Shelf

Contemporary style furniture is ‘in’ right now and this one is great example for that. It has simple rectangular shape. The upper part can be to place items.

However, its real highlight is the inner compartment which can be accessed by two sliding doors. Homeowners can store small important items inside this compartment. The outer part of this shelf is white while the door has natural wood finishing.

  1. Farmhouse Style Thick Wood Shelf

Farmhouse Style Thick Wood Shelf

There are people who want simple and rustic floating shelf ideas. This particular wood shelf is made of very thick wood panel. It is secured to the wall. The finishing work is very minimal to give the wood untreated look so it maintains its natural charm.

It would be great to place this shelf inside a kitchen. In this example, the shelf is used to keep coffee making essentials.

  1. Metal Rack Shelf

Metal Rack Shelf

Metal rack can be repurposed into a unique wall mounted shelf like this one. To maintain its integrity, it is advised against placing too heavy items on the rack.

Because its bottom part is uneven, a light wood plank can be placed to create even surface for more stable item placement. These shelving units are painted in golden color which really enhances the room’s look.

  1. Small White Marble Shelf

Small White Marble Shelf

This is a prime example of floating shelf ideas for the bathroom. Marble is waterproof and can handle humidity really well, not to mention that it can be cleaned really easily. This shelf is quite small as it is meant to fit small bathroom essentials like tooth brush. The marble shelf is secured by two gold-colored screws to the wall. It can be installed near the sink.

  1. Tilted Square Shelf

Tilted Square Shelf

It is a very unique shelving unit for book collections. A square wooden frame is built and installed onto the wall in tilted position. This way, if the books are arranged straightly, they will be held securely by this shelf.

As seen, the rack does not get refined finishing work. Instead, the wood grains are maintained to be visible to add nature vibe and elegance.

  1. Round Wood Hanging Shelf

Round Wood Hanging Shelf

Among many floating shelf ideas used for decorative purpose, this one certainly takes the cake. It utilizes full round piece of cut wood which is secured by tight rope structure.

This particular hanging shelf is not made for keeping heavy items. It is great for keeping small and light items like potted plants and candle. The rope structure should not be too long to minimize swaying.

  1. Staircase Library Shelf

Staircase Library

People do not know how to deal with empty space under and by the staircase. In this example, the homeowner creates a small floating library according to the open staircase structure.

While climbing or going down the staircase, you will feel like you are walking among the books. It is important to keep the books tight to one another in such shelves.

  1. Triangle Wooden Nook Shelves

Triangle Wooden Nook Shelves

The nook of a room is often underutilized, thus this is one of perfect floating shelf ideas to deal with that. It consists of triangle shaped wooden panels that are secured right at the corner of a room. This shelf unit is sturdy enough to hold various materials such as candles, books, flower pots, and other decorative items. There are four levels in this shelf.

  1. Multi-tiered Rope Hanging Shelf

Multi-tiered Rope Hanging Shelf

This shelving unit is designed to hold lighter items because of its structure. It consists of light wooden planks and two sets of thick ropes. The ropes are tied securely to two points at the wall and the three-tiered shelf is arranged. Since this shelf can move easily, it is advised against placing breakable items on it. Few books and plants in plastic pots are tolerable.

Which one of these floating shelf ideas that caught your eyes? There are several shelves that can be found in the market but some others are Do-It-Yourself projects. It is possible to alter and even combine some of these designs to create a unique one.

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