Animal Excrement and Disease Control: What Does Raccoon Poop Look Like?

One of the biggest questions when it comes to distinguishing animal droppings is “What does raccoon poop look like?” Raccoon droppings are almost similar to dog feces. They have the same size of poop. The size is about half to one inch.

You mostly find raccoon poop in yards, wall cavities, and gardens. Their favorite areas include garages, attics, tree stumps, and bases.

Raccoon Feces identification

While you are walking around the garden and finding feces look like pieces of seeds and berries, those surely belong to raccoons. It is because they mostly eat nuts, berries, and seeds. Thus, their poops include those undigested foods.

The droppings look like dry and long cylinders with black color. Raccoons use only one particular area to place their feces and urine called latrine. Therefore, they will deposit the excrement repeatedly in the same place.

Raccoon feces have a strong and bad odor. When the feces mixed with urine, they just smell like ammonia and descending droppings. Their feces smell more terrible since larvae, flies, and other parasites gather around the poops.

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Some Diseases Caused by Raccoon Droppings

Raccoon feces bring pathogens, so they spread many diseases. One of the serious health risks that are difficult to diagnose is roundworms. The feces consist of roundworm eggs.

People will be infected when they have ingested the eggs. The symptoms of human infection are blindness, nausea, loss of coordination and muscle control.

Another disease is leptospirosis that is caused by raccoons’ urine. People who are infected will show some symptoms like diarrhea, high fever, jaundice, and headaches.

Guardia is the other infection from raccoon feces. The common signs are dehydration, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. To prevent further illness, people who have those symptoms should visit the medical practitioner.

How to Dispose of Raccoon excrement

Getting rid of raccoon feces correctly is important to avoid disease transmission. Use a trash bag or sealed container to dispose of the excrement. Double trash bags are needed to keep the feces toughly. Seal the trash bag before putting out with other garbage.

Burn or bury the trash bag to ensure that there are no harmful particles come out from the excrement. It is the best way to dispose of the feces without transmitting spores and bacteria.

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Ways to Clean up Raccoon Poop

One thing to remember is that you should wear appropriate clothing and a mask for protection. Since hands must remove the feces, make sure that you wear gloves. When your clothes or skin is contacted to raccoon poop, clean them with very hot water and soap.

Inspect all areas where raccoon latrines exist. Remove the poop by keeping it inside a sealed plastic bag. If water and soil are infected, use disinfection compounds to cleanse the excrement. Then, spray the contaminated area with insecticide or pest control.

Disinfect contamination area that is soiled by raccoons, so people can start entering the place safely. Also, check on cables and wires that have been devastated by raccoons. The danger of repairing raccoon damage can be avoided by calling a wildlife removal specialist.

You have the answer of “what does raccoon poop look like?” above. By identifying raccoon poop, it is expected that any diseases and harmful bacteria will not infect people.

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