Various Foods for Different Aged Tadpoles in Your Aquarium

What Do Tadpoles Eat

Some people love to pet puppies while the others prefer kittens. Some others pet beautiful birds and the others love raising fishes. But so many people love to raise ‘unique’ pets like snake, iguana, and even tadpoles. Are you one of those people? Of course you are, because you’re here today, looking for details about what do tadpoles eat. Don’t worry, you’ll find the answer.

Below is everything you absolutely need to know about tadpoles’ favorite food especially if you really want to raise them properly. Your small pond in the backyard will be perfect home for tadpoles. But can you feed them with perfect foods? Let us see.

What Do Tadpoles Eat

1. Algae for Young Tadpoles

Algae for Young Tadpoles

Best place to raise your tadpoles is in the pond behind your house. It is surrounded by plants and algae and become the best home since those elements protect your tadpoles from predators. Complete tadpoles’ home with plants so your tadpoles will get enough algae. The youngest tadpoles are herbivore so they won’t eat the meats you give.

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2. Insects for Grown Up Tadpoles

As the tadpoles grow, they become omnivores. They will eat both animal and plant matters. If it is time for your tadpoles to be omnivores, give them some insects. Since they’re not mature yet, they need small insects. Give your little tadpoles the smallest insect you can get. If the insect you get is too big, smash it so your cute buddies can digest the insect.

3. Vegetation for Healthier Tadpoles

Vegetation for Healthier Tadpoles

Vegetation is also a great food for tadpoles. Wild tadpoles can get vegetation from the plants in the water. If you’re raising your own tadpoles and no leaves fall from the tree around the pond, give your tadpoles vegetation so the will get enough nutrition without eating their friends. What else can you give your tadpoles to grow?

4. Small Fishes for Carnivore Tadpoles

Tadpoles feeding on dead fish

Grown tadpoles also eat small fishes. Even though they were born as herbivore, they grow as omnivore and finally become carnivore as they become frogs. Make sure your tadpoles can eat the small fishes. If your tadpoles cannot eat the fishes you give, smash the fishes so your tadpoles will enjoy their meals easily.

5. Foods for Aquarium Tadpoles

If you raise your tadpoles in aquarium, it is truly important to put in water plant into the aquarium. Water plant has double functions for your tadpoles. First of all it is great ornament your tadpoles can use to hide. Second, it is awesome source of food for your tadpoles. Hiding between the water plants keep your tadpoles comfortable in the aquarium and would love to eat anything.

6. Fish Foods for Home Tadpoles

Your tank tadpoles would love to eat fish foods you can buy in any pet shop. Flake foods are much better since they can break up very easily. Those foods can be digested by your tadpoles very easily. If you can find special foods for tadpoles, those are even better.

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The Right Time to Feed Tadpoles

Right Time to Feed Tadpoles

Fish foods and vegetables are perfect for baby tadpoles. When your baby tadpoles grow, you need to prepare some different foods. Older tadpoles would love to eat dead insects and larvae. How do you know it is time to change your tadpoles’ diet? Just change the foods of your tadpoles and see. If they don’t want the new foods, they’re not ready yet.

All you need to do is returning the diet of your tadpoles to fish foods and vegetables. Wait for some other weeks before you start feeding the tadpoles with the new foods again. The right time to introduce these new foods for your tadpoles is when they’re about 3 weeks old or 4 weeks old. It is a brilliant to switch up the food regularly to keep your tadpoles interested to wait for the feeding times.

Just make sure the foods you prepare to feed them are all healthy foods for them so they’ll get enough nutrition. One essential nutrient your tadpoles must get is protein. Give them enough protein by feeding them some animal matters like aphids and bloodworms. Those are great source for protein beside small insects. Never feed your tadpoles with meats from the farm.

Farm animals’ meats cannot be digested easily by your cute little tadpoles. Those meats will only drown into the bottom of the aquarium, make the tank dirty, and cause your tadpoles to sick. When your tadpoles start developing legs, they’ll need more protein. Add extra animal matters gradually so they can start growing as carnivorous frogs.

Always check your tadpoles’ tank an hour after you feed them. If your tadpoles didn’t eat the entire foods, you must scoop out the leftover to keep the water clean so your tadpoles will grow healthily. You’ve learned about what do tadpoles eat and the best time to feed them with different diet. Now you’re ready to raise your baby tadpoles at home.

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