Various Foods for Three Different Species of Snails

what do snails eat.

Some people pet snails because they really want it. Some others choose to pet snails to teach their kids how to love and raise animals. No matter what your reason to raise snails, you need to understand the answer for what do snails eat. If you know someone’s favorite food, you’ll keep him happy. Petting snails is just the same.

Therefore we’d love to share some details about the best foods for your upcoming pet snails. You better learn this carefully and make your own list of snails’ food so your snails won’t get bored of the same foods everyday.

What Do Snails Eat

1. Seeds and tortoise foods for land snails

Land snails love eating many kinds of food but their favorite is fresh produce. Land snails also love tortoise foods. But first you need to soak tortoise food in the water before you use it to feed your snails. Seeds are also snails’ favorite, try pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds and see how your little land snails love them.

2. The best fruits for land snails

The best fruits for land snails

Everybody loves fruits, even your land snails too. The best fruits you can use to feed your land snails are kiwi, grapes, apples, apricot, melon, mango, strawberry, and raspberry. Change the fruits every time you feed your cute little snails. Various menus make your snails never get bored. Not getting bored means they’ll get happier life.

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3. Vegetables and cooked grains for land snails

snails eating vegetable

Vegetables are also good for land snails. Feed your land snails with some different types of vegetables like green beans, sprouts, turnip, sweet corn, broccoli, watercress, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mushroom. Boil hard vegetables and chill them before you feed your snails. Sometimes you can also give your snails some cooked grains like rice and oats.

4. Worst foods for land snails

Your land snails cannot digest hard food and processed foods. So keep your snails away from snacks and foods containing salt and sugar. You must also avoid feeding your land snails with bread, crackers, pasta, and millet.

5. Complete your land snails’ meals with calcium

Snails’ shell needs calcium to stay healthy. And greatest source of calcium is cuttlebone. You can break off cuttlebone to pieces then simply place them in your land snails’ tank. Your snails will then nibble on them. You can also provide calcium from dead snails’ shells, calcium powder, and natural chalk, oyster shells that have been powdered and natural limestone.

6. Best food source for freshwater snails

snails eating algae

Fish aquarium’s food debris is food for freshwater snails. Freshwater snails also eat algae. This means you can provide food source for your freshwater snails by filling the aquarium with fishes and aquatic plants. Fishes will give food debris and aquatic plants will provide nice home for your freshwater snails.

7. Give some algae disks to your freshwater snails’ home

If you can’t find fishes to be friends for your snails, get some algae discs. You can buy them online or get them from pet shops. Follow instructions written on the packaging to provide the best foods for your freshwater snails.

8. Blanched vegetables for freshwater snails

You can get blanched vegetables by dipping your veggies inside boiling water around two minutes. Once boiled, you need to dunk those vegetables in the ice water. The best ingredients for blanched vegetables for freshwater snails include cucumber, carrots, shelled peas, iceberg lettuce, and zucchini.

9. Freshwater snails also need calcium to grow strong and healthy

And the best sources of calcium for freshwater snails are including oyster shells, dead snails’ shells, cuttlebone, bone meal, and wood ash. You can also use natural limestone but be careful with it since it can raise the pH levels of the tank’s water.

10. Foods for the sea snails

Sea snails also love eating plant mater like algae and animal mater like fish and invertebrates.  If you’re planning to have sea snails, you must provide a house with saltwater for them. Keep your sea snails carnivorous by stocking the tank with small bivalves as prey.

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What to Know Before Providing Foods for Snails

Foods for Snails

First of all, shred and chop the produces into tiny pieces. Use kitchen knife or vegetable shredder that will help you chopping the entire produce. Only use the organic produce since snails are really sensitive to pesticides and chemicals. Always wash the produce before you start feeding your snails with them.

For the land snails, you need to prepare water dish and fill it with the spring water. This is not only to let your land snails to drink but also to provide humid environment for them. Let your land snails bathe in the shallow dish that’s been filled with the spring water. Replace it every day or every two days. Now, after these details about what do snails eat, you’re ready to bring home your pet snails.

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