Awesome Salamanders and Their Extraordinary Meals

what do salamnders eat

Dogs are always my favorite pet. And let me guess, yours are salamanders, right? You’re here no looking for the answer for what do salamanders eat is a sign that you’re going to make this animal your pet. It is clever to learn about the favorite foods of your upcoming pet salamanders. This is going to help you preparing yourself to be good parent for your future pet salamander.

First of all, you need to know that there are various species of salamanders. Some of them are terrestrial salamanders and aquatic salamanders. Best foods for salamanders are determined by salamanders’ type and also by their habitat.

What Do Salamanders Eat ??

1. Bugs for land salamanders

Bugs for land salamanders

Land salamanders would love to eat bugs and worms. But no, do not go outside and look for wild bugs. Go get salamanders food in the nearest pet shop. Go get maggots, earthworms, crickets, buffalo worms, meal worms, and even mosquito larvae to fees you land salamanders. Those bugs contain lots of nutrition that helps your salamanders grow healthy.

2. Water organisms for aquatic salamanders


Bugs mentioned above are not interesting for aquatic salamanders. Aquatic salamanders only eat things that can swim in water. Shrimp is the better option to feed your aquatic salamanders. Go get shrimps to feed aquatic salamanders in pet shops instead of catching them from the wild. Or, feed your aquatic salamanders with minnows, crayfish, and other shrimp types and small fishes.

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3. Small foods for smaller aquatic salamanders


Worms, including black worms and earthworms are also aquatic salamanders’ favorite foods. Make sure you get them to keep your salamanders away from boredom of eating the same foods. Also, add brine shrimps and night crawlers to the menu.

4. The right size of food for salamanders

small grubs

Younger salamanders and small species salamanders need smaller bugs for their food. Large bugs are too big for their small mouths. Look for smaller foods like small grubs, worms, small crickets, and fruit flies. Cut those foods into small pieces so your salamanders can eat them easily. Remember that larger bugs belong to large salamanders only.

5. Feed your salamanders only with live foods

live shrimps

Salamanders love hunting live food. So when you bring them home, you shouldn’t feed them with dead foods. Feed your salamanders only with live shrimps, live bugs, and live worms. But if your pet is fire salamander, you can feed it with dead food like worms you have chopped up.

6. Wild foods are dangerous foods for salamanders

Only feed your salamanders with live foods you get from pet shops. Wild bugs may be free and easy to find but they may be dangerous for your beloved salamanders. Those wild bugs may be contaminated with chemicals or have dangerous diseases. If you really love your salamanders, stay away from wild bugs.

7. Keep your salamanders away from your own foods

Your salamanders may eat the fruits, veggies, and meats you give. But remember that your salamanders cannot digest those foods the way you do. Instead, look for foods that come from the natural habitats of your salamanders. Small invertebrates and bugs are the best menu for salamanders.

8. Food supplements for salamanders

Your beloved pets will look great and grow healthy if they get enough calcium. Give them calcium by sprinkling their food with calcium supplement. Also add multi vitamin supplement to their foods for greater growth. Mix the foods of your salamanders with supplement only once a week or twice a week. Pet shops have various supplements your salamanders need.

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Salamanders Feeding Rules

Salamanders Feeding Rules

Do you know that your salamanders don’t have to eat every day? Adult salamanders need you to feed them three times a week or even twice a week. However, each salamander species requires different intervals to eat. Get your salamanders to herpetological society or reptile veterinarian to get some advice about feeding them correctly.

Yet, it is always best to watch the salamanders as you’re feeding them. Usually, salamanders will take fifteen to twenty minutes to finish their food. Feed them and see how much food your salamanders can take in a time period. After some feedings you’ll see how many foods you need to prepare for each mealtime.

Awesome Salamanders Watch the body of your salamander as well. If you figure out that your salamanders getting fat, you need to reduce the foods for each mealtime. Always remove the foods your salamanders don’t eat. Then next time feed your salamanders with less food. Since you’re feeding salamanders with live foods, it is important to remove the foods your pets don’t eat immediately.

Those live foods you left in your salamanders’ tank will not be midnight snack. Instead, they will cause irritation to or even bite your salamanders. Leftover foods in aquatic salamanders’ tank will lead to water contamination and bacteria.

Those are all you need to know about what do salamanders eat. Follow the entire rules above and you’ll keep your salamanders healthy as they grow stronger.

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