What Do Robins Eat? Worthwhile Info for Everyone

What Do Robins Eat

Robins are indeed a beautiful bird and they were commonly known as the redbreast. Aside from being a stunning bird, their habits and diets are quite fascinating to learn, as well.

Even though some of them rarely move far from their home, they would look for foods at faraway places when the source is scarce and during winter. So, what do robins eat?

Robins are considered omnivores, as they eat various types of foods. Their population is indeed a lot, but they have become a commodity (especially for their beautiful fur). Here is information about their diets.

Adult Robins’ Diets

Adult Robins’ Diets

In nature, robins are omnivorous. That means they would eat anything from insects to fruits. Despite the fact, they have favorite foods, especially mealworms. This becomes their target when hunting.

Next, robins love to eat various types of fruits. They love sweet and watery fruits, to be exact. Plus, they may eat peanuts (the crushed ones), many kinds of seeds, raisins, cheese, snacks, etc.

There must be reasons why robins prioritize mealworms, tough. This becomes their ideal diet due to the richness in nutrition. Still, they have other alternatives including earthworms and other types of worms.

In terms of portion, adult robins can eat up to tens of maggots daily. In summer, worms (including mealworms) become their prime diet. They also eat lots of insect larvae during that period. What a bird!

Let’s talk again about robins’ favorite food. Mealworms are the best diet for them as it is high in protein. The nutrient is required to build strong feathers and muscles. Plus, it gives more energy than other worms.

Robins hunt primarily on mealworms to get plenty amount of energy. They also get various minerals and vitamins from them. These include calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and many others.

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What Do Chick Robins Eat?

What Do Chick Robins Eat

For the information, both chicks and adult robins’ best food is none other than mealworms. The hatchlings, for instance, need lots of these to grow strongly and healthily. They are greedy for it!

Naturally, the parents would feed the chicks daily. However, for the case of orphan robins, they require special treatments. In this case, humans can help to feed and fulfill the birds’ need for nutrient.

The main food is still mealworms. You can feed the chicks with either fresh or dried worms! The best approach is to soak these in water for better digestion. The water retains the moisture of the food, as well.

Like other chicks, small robins need a special care either from their parents or humans. Have no worries. Everyone is able to feed them properly, as long as following the procedure.

Feeding Robins

Feeding Robins

Some people love to watch birds eating in their garden. Perhaps throw out foods is the most common method to lure in robins. However, this method is proven inefficient. So, what is the smart way?

Choosing the right food is the key. You can simply put mealworms in several choices of places like ground feeding tray, bird tables, and hanging feeders.

Hunting Ability of Robins

Hunting Ability of Robins

Robins have similar strategies to other birds in looking for foods. They take advantage of their senses to locate their prey. Sight is their best choice, though. They would spot movement of worms before catching.

The next prior sense to locate worms is their hearing. Moreover, robins have a very critical earshot. This has the best result when combined with other senses, however.

Touch is another important sense that robins use for hunting. They detect movements in the soul under their feet. Once they feel it, they strike accurately! This is definitely efficient, isn’t it?

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Further Important Information

Robins Fact and Information

Once winters become warmer, you may see more robins in your backyards. At this time, you have plenty opportunity to watch them hunting and eating. Somehow, approaching them is difficult.

Even though robins spend most of their time eating, they would reproduce at the breeding season. It usually starts in April and ends in July. The male would make a loud noise (song) to show his territory.

Next, female robins have the task to build nest made of various types of items like mud, grasses, etc. Still, both male and female would feed the chicks once they hatch.

Some types of robins (especially the British) are known for their tameness. That means humans can approach and feed them easily. Once again, you must give them mealworms (the best food).


So, what do robins eat? Their favorite foods are worms, specifically mealworms. When the source is rare, however, they may eat other types of foods like fruits, seeds, nuts, insects, snacks, and many others.

Also, robins often follow humans who carry foods. Their aim is to eat foods that fall on the ground. Some of them are tame, while others are quite shy.

Still, it is possible to feed and nurture them properly. The fact is the chicks require lots of mealworms to grow well and a comfy nest to live in. Can you fulfill these requirements?

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