What Do Lobsters Eat? Information That You Don’t Know

what do lobsters eat

Most people have recognized a fancy dish called steamed lobster. However, they are not aware of the animal’s diet. So, what do lobsters eat? This aquatic creature indeed has some favorites of foods.

Here is the first important fact. They need to live in warm water to grow healthily and faster. As for the best foods, they would hunt smaller marine animals that live near to their habitat.

The thing is they live in a different environment, so they can alternate their diets based on availability. To find further information regarding this animal and its babies, you can read more below.

Adult Lobsters’ Preferred Foods

Adult Lobsters’ Preferred Foods

Unlike some other sea creatures, lobsters are not scavengers. However, they have a strong appetite and have lots of options for diets. Their favorites are mussels, clams, crabs, and marine worms!

In terms of habitat, most of them live in different oceans. They can live in muddy or sandy bottoms. Not to mention they can be found on rocky seafloors. You can also find them under rocks (burrowing).

Here is an amazing fact. They would eat other lobsters! This cannibalism has become an interesting topic among experts and students these days, moreover. Watching them chasing other lobsters is fun, isn’t it?

Simply said, lobsters can be considered omnivores. Even though they eat mostly mollusks, fishes, and worms, they also love to eat some marine plants. When the sources are scarce, they scavenge!

As for cannibalism, according to experts, this event rarely happens in the wild. Instead, this may occur in captivity. The targets are usually weaker and younger lobsters. So, what is the reason for this cruel behavior?

Based on the analysis, the prime reason is the increase in water temperature. It is said once the water gets hotter, lobsters become more prolific. Their babies become more either, becoming a perfect snack!

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What do Baby Lobsters eat?

What do Baby Lobsters eat

To understand what baby lobsters eat, it is important to learn their lifecycle. At the first time, when they hatch, they soar! This event happens for about several weeks. What a great sight!

These floating baby lobsters are called super-lobsters. They move forward using both their swimmerets and claws. After the floating phase, they would settle to the sea bottom. However, only some will survive.

What about foods? They usually ride jellyfish and eat these freshly. Somehow, they look like playing with their food! During the first year of their life, they may hang around jellyfish’s colony for feeding.

When feeding, baby lobsters grab onto the available jellyfish and sit on its head. They use their legs to grip tight while surfing. The next step is none other than eating. They chew on tentacles first.

For the information, it takes about 3 days to eat up a whole jellyfish. Baby lobsters usually ride on a jellyfish that has a diameter of 3 inches. Moreover, they even eat venomous jellyfishes!

Baby lobsters can avoid the poison due to the presence of a filter in their mouth. They suck liquid from jellyfish’s tentacles, separating nutritious fluid from the venom. They also have a special membrane in their stomach.

The membrane protects them from venom inside the body! This has been studied by experts for a long time and attracted lots of attention of those who love sea creatures and nature.

Hunting Procedure

Hunting Lobster Procedure

Lobsters indeed have a hunting method to catch foods and eat. Based on anatomy, these marine creatures use their big claws to collect and catch foods. The fact is they have 3 big claws!

These claws are bigger than their legs. The first one is meant to crush and grab the foods. Have no worries. This claw’s teeth are strong enough to grind various types of marine creatures.

As for the second and third claw, it features smaller teeth, which are meant to tear and shear the flesh of the prey. These smaller claws can be used to catch swift targets, too.

The next discussion is related to digestion. How do they consume foods? Lobster doesn’t have outside teeth like other animals. Instead, they have ones located inside the stomach that help them digest foods.

Extra Interesting Information

When it comes to anatomy, lobsters consist of mainly three parts. These include the head, thorax, and belly. The location is close to each other, too. Thus, they can easily ingest foods without spending much time.

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It is not surprising that lobsters keep growing and can reach the age of 100 years old. Despite the fact, not all babies may survive in the wild after hatching. Small lobsters climb jellyfishes and eat them alive!

Lobsters are also known for their high appetite. After molting, they may eat greedily and even consume their emptied shells. This unique source of food contains lots of calcium that help them build a new shell.

In summary, what do lobsters eat? They are fond of smaller sea creatures including clams, sea worms, crabs, mussels, etc. However, they are known for cannibalism, too. What a creature!

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