What Do Frogs Eat? Learn What to Feed Your Frogs

what do frogs eat

Planning to pet something unique? You’re here today since you really want to adopt a frog as your pet. It is a good step to understand everything your new pet would love before you bring it home. And speaking about frogs, it is really important to know what do frogs eat. Then you can prepare the right foods for your new pets and make them happy when they finally become a part of your family.

Below are the entire things you should know about preparing a cozy home for your frogs. Learn these things carefully long day before you go to get your new pet.

Explore Frog Diets By Types 

Type of Frog Diet
Amazon Milk Frog Crickets
Green Tree Frog
Crickets, worms, and earthworms
Mantellas and Dart Frog Ants and termites
Red-eyed Tree Frog Crickets, moths, and flies
Goliath Frog
Larvae, small frogs, insects, fish, salamanders, crustaceans, small mammals, and mollusks
Pacman Frog
Insects, mice, worms, fish, other frogs, and smaller reptiles
Tomato Frog Insects, worms, and larvae

What Do Frogs Eat

1. Live Insects

frog eating live insect

In the wild, frogs are carnivore, predators that eat live animals. Wild frogs eat insects in wide variety. If you are going to bring home some frogs, you need to prepare some live insects to feed them. They won’t be interested to eat dead insects. Dead insects are for tadpoles that cannot look for their own meals.

2. Crickets

frog eating cricket

Crickets are healthy food for your frogs. Eating crickets will help your frogs forming they’re backbone. Crickets are also easy to get. You can buy some crickets or raise them at home so anytime you need to feed your frogs you can just take them instantly.

3. Grasshoppers and Locusts

You need to work harder to feed your frogs with these insects. It is a little bit harder to find grasshoppers and locusts in pet shops. You can catch them in the wild or buy them if pet stores have these insect. Grasshoppers and locusts contain lots of nutrition that’s perfect for your frogs’ diet.

4. Wax Worms and Mealworms

frog eating Mealworms

Get mealworms very easily by buying them in pet shop. You can also raise your own mealworms at home. Bait stores are also providing mealworms you can get to feed your frogs. Your frogs would love these tasty snacks. Feed them with these foods regularly.

5. Worms and Caterpillars

There are so many types of caterpillars. Some are small while the others are huge. When you’re purchasing caterpillars at pet shop, you must choose ones that your frogs can eat easily. Avoid buying caterpillars that are too big for your frogs. Those big caterpillars may be healthy but they can escape easily from your frogs and you don’t want them to walk around your home.

  1. Mice

This one belongs to big frogs only. If you’re about to pet African bullfrogs and Pacman frogs, mice is the best meal for them. Start with newborn mice or pinkies when your frogs start growing. Instead of purchasing frozen mice, pick live mice that will increase your frogs’ appetite. If you don’t want seeing your frogs eating mice, you smaller frogs are the best option for you.

  1. Black Worms, Brine Shrimp, and Bloodworms

These foods and some more small worms are perfect food for your aquatic frogs. Get as many as aquatic invertebrates for your aquatic frogs since they love this kind of food instead of living insects.

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Choosing the Right Foods for the Right Frogs

Right Foods for Frogs

When you’re looking for the best food for your frogs, make sure the food is not wider than your frogs’ head. If the food is wider than your frogs’ head, the intestines of your frogs will get impacted. Look for frogs’ foods that are gut loaded. Frogs’ foods that are not gut loaded are not so healthy for your frogs. Not gut loaded foods will cause vitamin A deficiency to your frogs.

If you really can’t find frogs’ foods that are gut loaded, you need to give your frogs some nutritional supplement. Nutritional supplement given before you feed your frogs will fill your cute pets with enough nutrition they need.

You should not feed your cute frogs with veggies, fruits, and table scraps. Also, if possible, do not feed your frogs with insects you catch from the wild. Those wild insects may be exposed with pesticide. Pesticide is really dangerous for frogs.

What kind of frog do you have? Different type frogs need different foods and different feeding times. If your frogs have high energy like the young frogs and dwarf frogs, you must feed them two times a day. They need more foods than the other types of frogs.

Frogs with medium energy need to be fed once per two days or even once per three days. Every meal for frogs with medium energy must contain five crickets. Just make sure your frogs with medium energy get enough foods. Don’t leave too many crickets or they’ll walk around your house when your frogs feel full enough.

If your frogs are bigger frogs, feed them with a mouse once a week or once per two weeks. Knowing what do frogs eat is not enough. You must also follow the rules above to feed your frogs in the right time so your frogs will grow healthily and happily.

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