Two Magnificent Types of Bullfrogs and Best Foods for Them

Amphibious pets are now getting much more famous today. Kids and adults both love having amphibious pets. And among so many types of amphibious pets, bullfrogs so far are extremely popular. Are you interested to raise your own bullfrog? Then you may want to know some important things like what do bullfrogs eat?

No need to look for the answer anymore since everything you need can be found down here. You’ll see so many details about the best foods for African bullfrogs and American bullfrogs. Make your own list of foods for your bullfrogs.

What Do Bullfrogs Eat

What Do Bullfrogs Eat

1. The right foods for bullfrog tadpoles

All tadpoles, including bullfrogs’, are herbivore or vegetarian. All you need to do to feed bullfrog tadpoles is just completing the tank with plants that come from bullfrogs’ natural habitat. Go to pet shop and look for supplement for your tadpoles. Supplement keeps your tadpoles healthy and helps them grow properly. Keep feeding your tadpoles with the same foods for weeks.

2. Best meals for American bullfrogs

When you’re looking for bullfrogs’ foods, keep in your mind that the foods must come in various options. Grown up American bullfrogs would love to eat small fish, worms, insects, and even tadpoles. Some bullfrogs even love to eat small snakes and younger frogs. To make your bullfrogs happy, feed them only with moving prey or live food instead of dead foods.

3. Calcium supplement is essential for bullfrogs

Your bullfrogs need calcium that they can get from calcium supplement. Feeding your bullfrogs with live foods that have been added with calcium supplement is the best idea. But be careful in feeding your bullfrogs. You should not over feed your bullfrogs. Feed your bullfrogs once per two or three days. Adult bullfrogs need you to feed them twice or three times per week.

4. Vitamin A for your cute bullfrogs

Your bullfrogs’ body can’t make its own vitamin A. So it is really important to give your bullfrogs some supplements contain vitamin A. Look for gut loaded live insects. Those are the insects that spent twenty four hours or more feeding on foods that are rich of vitamin A. Also, add commercial foods that are gut loaded and dusted with phosphorous supplement and vitamin A.

5. Healthy drinks for your bullfrogs

Both African and American bullfrogs need fresh and clean water that has no chlorine. Tap water that has no chlorine is excellent water for your bullfrogs. Go get de-chlorinators from pet shop or buy them online. Chlorine water will sicken your bullfrogs. So it is always better to test the well you have periodically in order to make sure the water is clean and healthy for your bullfrogs.

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Adjusting the Foods for Different Bullfrogs

African Bullfrogs

Bullfrogs come in various species and sizes. When looking for foods for your bullfrogs, watch your bullfrogs’ size first. The bigger one can eat bigger preys like small snake and rats. But smaller bullfrogs will get overwhelmed with those preys. Consider insects, small reptiles, and small fishes for your smaller bullfrogs.

The key to get the right prey for your bullfrogs is the size of your bullfrogs’ head. The preys must not be bigger than bullfrogs’ head or your bullfrogs will not be able to eat those live foods. Remember that the foods must be alive. Farm meats are the worst foods for your bullfrogs. First, those meats are not alive. Second, they contain different nutrients that your bullfrogs don’t need.

Also remember that plants and algae are just for tadpoles. When your tadpoles grow, they stop eating vegetables and become omnivores. Here is when you should feed your grown tadpoles with insects and worms. Then when they are fully grown and become bullfrogs, they become a carnivore. Do not place two bullfrogs in the same tank if you don’t want to lose any of them.

If you forget to feed your adult bullfrogs who live in one tank, they’ll become cannibal. There’s no doubt that they will start eating their ‘friend’. If you really want to have more than one bullfrog, place them in separated tanks. The same thing happens to tadpoles. Even though tadpoles come from the same mother, they’ll eat their brother when they’re hungry and no other option to eat.

One bonus advice for you who are serious in getting bullfrogs as pet, they do not like cuddling. Bullfrogs are for those who want a friend but don’t have many times to spend with their pet. If you want a pet you can cuddle with all the time, a puppy and kitten is a much better option.

You’ve got the answer for what do bullfrogs eat. You have also learned about the best way feeding your bullfrogs. Now it is time to prepare a new home for your bullfrogs, bring them home, and start raising them with love.

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