7 Healthiest Foods for Your Cute Little Turtles

Who doesn’t love baby animals? They’re all look so adorable. Some of those cute baby animals can be part of our family while the others are too wild to be our pet. But baby turtles are the best pet we can have. They’re so cute and they live longer than other animals. They’ll stay with us even longer if we know what do baby turtles eat and what they don’t eat.

If you have some baby turtles or planning to adopt them, you best know this list of the right and healthy foods for them. Even though they’re omnivore, it doesn’t mean you’re free to feed them with anything you want. Add these foods to your own list.

What Do Baby Turtles Eat

1. Little Fishes

Little Fishes For Turtle

Turtles love little fishes. But give your baby turtles freshwater fishes only. Salted fish may cause long term health problem to your beloved turtles. Salted fishes are able to prevent some nutrition absorption. If your cute turtles cannot absorb the nutrition they need, their lifespan may shorten and you’ll lose them too quickly. What a sad ending, isn’t it?

2. Boiled Meats

Boiled Meats

Meats are your turtles’ favorite food. They love raw meats but you shouldn’t give them raw meats. Raw meats contain lots of fat that cause obesity. The best way to keep your baby turtles happy is by boiling the meats with no seasonings. Boiled meats are healthier meal.

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3. Insect for Snack

Insect for Snack

In the wild, turtles can find their own natural foods. Those natural foods include mealworm, silkworms, and crickets. So you can feed your little turtles with worms and crickets sometime. Just don’t make the worms and insects as the main food; they’re perfect snack but not the right main dish.

4. Pet Shop Styled Turtle Food

Well, this is the easiest turtle food to get. All you need to do is buying this at the nearest pet shop. When shopping for turtle food, make sure you pick the right one. There’s turtle food made of fruits and plants belong to tortoise. If yours is freshwater turtle, get turtle food that’s made of fish, worms, and snails.

5. Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and Veggies

There’s no doubt that fruits and veggies are healthiest foods ever. This kind of food contains high calcium which is good to help the growth of your turtle’s shell. But this is not the main food for baby turtles. Combine fruits and veggies with the other foods mentioned above. Make a mix of 50% veggies with 25% meats and 25% turtle food. This combination keeps your turtles happy.

6. Boiled Eggs

Boiled Eggs

You can feed your baby turtles with boiled eggs but don’t do this every day. Add boiled eggs to the menu three times a week or less. The white eggs are good for your baby turtles since they have lots of protein. Feeding your turtles with boiled eggs too often will make them get obesity.

7. Shrimps

Foods that contain carotene are also good for your turtles. And shrimps are great source of carotene. Peel the shrimp and clean the skin and head first so your baby turtles can eat them safely. Always mix shrimp with vegetables or fruits so your turtles won’t get bored of the taste.

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Feeding Baby Turtles with the Best Foods

Feeding Baby Turtles

Now since you’ve learned about the best foods for baby turtles, you must learn the steps to feed your little turtles properly. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what you should do to keep your baby turtles healthy.

The right time to feed your cute little turtles is every morning and every afternoon. Baby turtles are active during those times and they’ll eat anything you give. Keep in your mind that baby turtles are not puppies. You should not give foods to your baby turtles directly from your hands. Your baby turtles will see your finger as food as well and will bite your fingers.

If you’re feeding your baby turtles with pet shop’s turtle food, you need to make it smaller for your baby turtles. Baby turtles’ mouth is smaller than grown up turtles’. Besides, turtle food that’s too big will make your baby turtles choke.

You can also give your baby turtles some supplement of calcium and vitamin. Supplements will complete the nutrition needed by your little turtles. If you want to do it, give the supplements three times a week. When your baby turtles don’t want to eat turtle food, try to give them mealworm or crickets that will increase their appetite since insect is alive and more interesting than turtle food.

So you’ve got the answer of what do baby turtles eat. You’ve learned about how to feed your turtles properly. Now it is time to collect the healthiest foods for your baby turtles, follow the steps to feed them correctly, and watch them as your babies become grown up turtles.

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