Do Ladybugs Bite? Why They Bite and What Happens When They Do

Do Ladybugs Bite

Have you ever wondered “do ladybugs bite?”. If you have, then you are in luck because we might have the answer for you in this article. Ladybugs are beautiful-looking insects that have always been considered very beneficial when it comes to gardening. But we all know that bugs often bite.

Despite ladybugs looking all sweet and innocent, they are still bugs. And the fact that they bite is Quite True. Yes, this type of insect can bite humans. If you are bitten by a ladybug, you are indeed unlucky.

But how dangerous can a ladybug bite be? Keep on reading this article to find out.

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What Happens When Ladybugs Bite?

What Happens When Ladybugs Bite

A ladybug is most often quite peaceful, where it prefers not to bite anyone of anything. But when a ladybug bites a human, there are several things that are going to happen. Despite how small they are, ladybugs actually have very sharp chewing mouthparts.

Although their mouthparts are small, the force they exert is usually not strong enough to break through the skin of a human.

The chewing mouthparts will only cause a nip on your skin. However, through their mouthparts, they are going to secrete their blood which has really pungent odor. That odor is intended to ward off anything that they perceived as a threat

Do not worry, they will not be able to transmit any parasites from their bite. The blood that they secrete through their bites is also not poisonous. But one thing for sure is that the bite of a ladybug is pretty painful.

This can pose a serious threat to a person’s life. That is why if some sort of an allergic reaction happens after you get bitten by a ladybug, you have to quickly seek medical attention.

Ladybug Bites Effect

After being bitten by a ladybug, there will be a raised red bump on the surface of your skin. This bump will certainly hurt for a couple of days. The harmless red bump will heal with time and that is pretty much what happens. But you also have to remember that some people are allergic to the secretion from a ladybug bite.

Why do Ladybugs Bite?

Other than asking “do ladybugs bite?” you also have to ask “why do they bite?”. What is the reason behind why ladybugs bite humans? If you got that figured out, then you might be able to avoid a ladybug bite.

Why do Ladybugs Bite

A ladybug is a kind of insect that eats other small, soft-bodied insects as its food. They usually eat agricultural pests, which is why farmers will definitely benefit from having ladybugs in their farms.

In some cases, a ladybug might bite you because it has mistaken you for food. Despite being a peaceful bug, a ladybug is a true fighter. It will do absolutely anything it can in order to survive in this cruel world.

When food and liquid are scarce, the mother ladybug often lays a lot of infertile eggs in order to provide food for its children. A hungry ladybug can even eat its own sibling in order to survive. That is why ladybugs might also bite humans when they are super hungry.

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Where Do Ladybugs Bite Humans?

Here’s a short video of Asian Lady Beetles biting someone’s hand


A ladybug bite might seem a little scary. But the effects of the bite on humans are nothing to be afraid of. All you need to do is to clean the bitten area with water and soap and try to avoid getting it dirty in order to prevent infection.

Another thing that is important is to seek medical attention if you experience an allergic reaction after a bite. Since ladybugs are so beneficial to humans, you should never think of ladybugs as a threat. Hopefully, you will never have to wonder “do ladybugs bite?” ever again.

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