The Best Pollinators in Ecosystem: Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

We commonly call carpenter bees as wood bees. The name is derived from their habitat in wood. Do carpenter bees sting?

It is a general question since you mostly find the bees around your home. They fly around wooden properties and come in or out of sheds and woodpiles.

The bees are nesting in wooden structures in your home. This species is attracted to natural wood. It will create holes in wood for shelter. These holes also function to lay the eggs and store food.

Carpenter bees can sting, but only females can do that. After stinging, female carpenter bees will not lose their stingers like other bees. They can sting people and other animals multiple times.

The stinging reaction causes pain and redness. The sting contains venom called melittin, which causes swelling in the bitten area. Sometimes, an acute allergic reaction occurs after the female stings people.

Male carpenter bees cannot sting. They just make frightening movements for protection. If the males are attracted to sudden movements, they will hover over people. When you approach them or their nests, they will aggressively swoop down on you.

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Physical Appearances of Carpenter Bees

Physical Appearances of Carpenter Bees

Different species have different physical features. Eastern carpenter bees have yellow hair on thorax like bumblebees. California carpenter bees have metallic and colorful bodies.

In general, carpenter bees do not have hairy abdomens like bumblebees although they look alike. There do not have yellow markings on abdomens. They have solid black shiny abdomens.

There are different characteristics of female and male carpenter bees. The females have stingers, but the males do not. Male carpenter bees have a white or yellow face.

Practical Ways to Solve Carpenter Bees Infestation

Carpenter bees cause structural damage on the home property if they left untreated. Wooden property such as fences and decks can be prone to carpenter bee infestations.

Spring is the nesting season. It is advised to close all openings and doors to prevent carpenter bees.

A simple way to protect your wood is by painting the surface. Painted or varnished wood will create a slippery surface. Carpenter bees are difficult to latch onto the wood.

To get rid of carpenter bees, people usually apply insecticide to each property. The holes in wood should be left for the females.

Then, seal the holes to prevent carpenter bees from reusing them. To get a proper treatment method, it is suggested to call a pest control professional.

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Carpenter Bees Play Important Roles in Pollination

Carpenter bees are very important to the environment. They become pollinators because they need to feed the larvae with beebread. It is stored in the burrows.

Beebread is a combination of nectar and pollen. While gathering nectar and pollen, they also cross-pollinate flowers, plants, and crops.

Since some agricultural outputs depend on pollinators, these wood-loving bees take a vital role in the production of healthy crops. They become primary key pollinators.

As stated above, carpenter bees tend to enjoy their activities instead of pursuing people. A question “Do carpenter bees sting?” is frequently asked. The answer is yes, but only female carpenter bees can sting. The females will not sting unless they are frightened.

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