Black Jumping Spider: A Shy Creature with Unique Ability

Phiddipus audax is a black jumping spider with spots on the back of the abdomen. Jumping spiders have small black bodies that mislead people to think that they are black widows.

However, jumping spiders also come in many colors, such as brown, tan, and gray usually with pale markings.

Jumping spiders belong to the family Salticidae, which have different sizes as well as color patterns. Jumping spiders vary in size ranging from 4–18 mm with thick hairs or scales. They have unique front legs, which are longer and thicker than the other legs.

Jumping spiders get their unique name obviously because of their jumping ability when catching prey. People believe that there are over 4,000 identified species of jumping spiders scattered worldwide and around 300 species found in the United States and Canada.


Daytime is jumping spiders’ best time for hunting. Jumping spiders are great hunters, and they can move both sideways and backward, too. They would follow their prey before jumping to catch it.

Jumping spiders do not create snare webs. They only make web retreats that are not delicate, as constructed only from several loose layers, which they use for molting, hibernating, and laying eggs.

They use a silk threat attached on the surface when jumping as a safety move for evading a predatory animal or catching prey. A jumping spider can jump quite far, and it can reach 10–50 times of its body length in a single leap.

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Their Diet

Jumping spiders are carnivorous, and they feed on small insects. However, a few species also consume pollen and nectar.

Jumping Spider Eyes

Jumping spiders have the best eyesight of any spider species, which allows them to detect any movement around them. Unfortunately, they have to watch themselves from predators when the night comes, as their night vision is terrible.

Jumping spiders have eight eyes located in three rows, making them easy to distinguish from other species. There are four eyes on the front of the face, two of which are larger. The other four eyes are located on the dorsal surface of the cephalothoraxes.

Jumping Spider Venom

Jumping spiders will bite as a defense when something disturbs them, but their venom is not harmful to humans. However, it will give you redness, itching, and swelling. Clean the bitten area with soap and water if a jumping spider bites you.

Although jumping spiders are not dangerous and their venom does not cause a serious threat, it is not wrong to call medical assistant if the bite does not wear off or even worsen. You can even bring the spider to them to get a specific treatment if necessary.

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You can find jumping spiders around the house, and they would make a retreat somewhere safe including behind furniture between shelves or windows and so on.

You would spot them hunting in areas or spots where the insect can easily be found or caught such as windows or doors.

They can also be found outside on trees, stones, bushes, or decks. They would typically run when encounter humans that is why they’re considered not dangerous to humans.

Black jumping spider or Phidippus audax have unique spots and patterns, making them adorable, besides, they are not dangerous that is why some people love to keep them as pets.

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