Black and White Animals that Really Exist

Each animal has unique colors; even some of them are very attractive. One combination that’s always interesting to watch is black and white animals. Such pattern is unusual because it is not related to nature colors. Green, blue, brown, grey, even yellow are colors for what nature offers to animals. On the other side, black alongside white is neutral one.

When people ask about animal with such color combination, you may answer with two words. They are panda and zebra as the most popular choices. That’s completely true, but there are many other animals with such pattern. Of course, it is difficult to find black and white in the same proportion. The next section will explore several examples about this topic.

1. Panda


One of popular black and white animals is Panda. It is native animal in China and in endangered situation due to low number. Panda is in the same category as bear due to similarity in term of their face and figure. White and black have function for adaption. In nature, Panda is rare to find predator, but this color combination creates menacing appearance.

This animal eats bamboo and leaves as primary diet. However, panda is omnivore animal that also likes to consume eggs, honey, insect, rodent, and fruits. However, bamboo is still more than 90% on their diet. Due to lack of reproduction capability, only few of them are in wildlife. Many scientist and researches try hard to prolong Panda species with artificial reproduction.

2. Zebra


When discussing about black and white animals, first thing that comes in mind is surely Zebra. As you know, zebra has the same figure and characteristic as horse, but it lives wildly in Africa as pack. Dominant color is black and white stripped covers mostly in their abdomen.

One benefit for having such color combination is as predator protection. In pack, many zebra will run away in the same direction and colored coat will confuse predator sight. Most of them live in savanna and grassland since their diet is mainly green grass.

3. Skunk


Skunk is famous with their spray that has acid smell. You need to wash properly in order to prevent unwanted effect.

Skunk has unique coat with dominant black and white strip at the top back to the tail. They are part of weasel or badger family. Most of species live in North and South America.

As you know, this animal is the one that people do not like the most especially nearby suburban or residential area. Wild skunks are ferocious and dangerous.

4. Orca or killer whale

killer whale

Orca or killer whale or Orcinus orca is predator that belongs to dolphin family. At the first glance, their appearance resembles dolphin, but bigger in term of size. The color is mostly dark or black with the white area at abdomen and eyes.

This kind of whale lives in vast ocean that can be found in Arctic, Antarctica, and other deep oceans. They hunt fish, marine mammal, sea creatures, and even other whales. In ocean, there is no predator that’s capable to match them. That’s why killer whale is known as apex predator in marine environment. This whale belongs to the list of black and white animals.

5. Dalmatian dog

Dalmatian dog

Dog has breed with unique color consisting of white spotted black coat. This breed is called Dalmatian as a part of black and white animals. This dog comes from Croatia in city called Dalmatia. That’s where the name comes as Dalmatian dog. The size is medium with athletic body and high agility.

Originally, the dog was for farm protection, guard, and hunting. However, most dog enthusiasts put this animal as special breed for competition related to color structure and combination. While still puppy, they have white fur as coat, and black spotted starts to appear after several months.

6. Malayan tapir

Malayan tapir

Tapirusindicus or known as Malayan tapir is one of largest species in tapir category. It has long nose for trunk with smooth coat. After birth, small tapir has black colored with minor white stripped pattern.

After turning into adult, white spot starts to spread and cover the entire rear side from abdomen and back area. The only black coat is at front around heat, legs, and neck. Tapir is considered endangered species due to lack of nature habit and massive deforestation. Malayan tapir lives in Malaysia and Indonesia, including some islands in both countries.

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7. Penguin


Penguin is flightless bird that lives in aquatic environment, mainly in beach or sea. One characteristic of penguin is black and white coat in their body. Most front side is white, including their plumage.

At back, the black coat will protect penguin from cold temperature, while white absorbs heat during daylight. Penguin cannot fly, but turn their wings into flipper for swimming. This bird hunts small fish, seals, and other creatures in their habitat.

8. Lemur


Lemur is the primate consisting of many species that live in Madagascar. Based on taxonomy, lemur resembles monkey, but not for their appearance.

Their fur is thick and several variations create many patterns. One of them is white and black lemur. They have long black tail and white coat. The face is mostly back with small snout. Lemur has sharp eyes that active at night. You can put them as nocturnal animal.

9. Osprey


Osprey is the raptor that’s known as sea hawk. You can find them in area with many birds that hunt fish. Osprey can catch fish directly or hunt other birds. They have athletic body with long wings that’s capable to maneuver easily.

Based on the size, osprey is relatively big raptor compared to others. This bird lives in solitary except during mating period. You can differ osprey by dark feature at the top wings and body alongside the bright white at below parts. It is useful as camouflage to go unnoticed during hunting.

10. Badger


Another animal in list of black and white animals is badger. You may find badger in neighborhood, but only at night. This animal is relatively medium size mammal with long body and snout.

Badger is in the same category as weasel and skunk. The latter is known for unpleasant smell they spray from their back. Certain species have such attribute that’s capable to spray acid liquid. The diet consists of insect, small rodent, bird, eggs, and other small animals they find.

11. Valais blackneck

Valais blackneck

Domesticated animal turns into several colored combination as a part of natural diversification. One of them is goat with equal proportion between black and white. The name of that goat is Valais Blackneck that comes from the place called Valais in Switzerland.

This goat has distinct color, especially in their front and back area as complete separation. From nose to half back is black and the rest is white, including the rear leg. This goat is one of top black and white animals.

12. Albatross


Albatross is one of seabirds known for their effective maneuver when catching the fish. They live in fishing area for scavenging. Besides, they can catch their fish and shrimp by diving. This bird lives in high ground for nesting.

The male and female Albatross will be a pair for years that work together to keep their chicks. Some species are in endangered situation because of feral species, such as rats and cats. Albatross can migrate from one area to another in large pack.

13. Royal Palm Turkey

Royal Palm Turkey

Some black and white animals have that combination due to a part of domesticated and interbreeding animal. One of examples is Royal Palm Turkey.

The entire feathers are white with black cover at tail and breast. For your information, this animal is not easy to find. It takes long period to do breeding for the perfect colored combination. Most of turkeys are lack of white and black proportion.

14. Californian kingsnake

Californian kingsnake

Kingsnake has several color variation and subspecies. One of them has black skin with white pattern. This kind of snake is the native animal in America and considered as harmless. You can keep them as pet, but be careful with their fangs.

Even though the snakes do not have poison, their fangs can bite deeply to create external injury. These snakes hunt small animals, such as bird, rodent, rats, insects, lizard, and frogs.

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15. Dutch rabbit

Dutch rabbit

For pet, you can have black and white animals. One of top options is Dutch rabbit that’s known for distinct colored pattern. Black is the majority of color that covers more than half of their coat.

The rest is white, such as abdomen, slightly on head, legs, and ears. Dutch rabbit is very popular due to easy to breed and you can find it anywhere. In fact, this breed is not from Netherland. Based on the breed history, this one was developed in British long time ago.

As you can see from the list above, some animals naturally have black and white pattern. Osprey, penguin, and killer whale seem to be similar because their back is black, and their abdomen is entirely white. Such combination creates protection and capability to survive in nature.

Other black and white animals are part of domesticated breeds, such as Dalmatian dog, Dutch rabbit, and Valais goat. They will have that color for the rest of life because of permanently DNA modification after long hybrid reproduction.

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