Baby Ladybug Facts and Nursing (Things to Know)

Baby Ladybugs

Ladybugs, ladybirds, or ladybeetles are indeed beautiful. They are known as gardeners’ best friend and give a benefit to the lawn. It is because they eat aphids (pests) and beautify the garden.

In their lifecycle, a baby ladybug looks cute and astonishing. Their shape and appearance often become design or concept for home decoration, as well, including a theme for birthday parties!

Simply said, this mesmerizing insect has been known worldwide due to their prettiness despite their small size. The babies are also being sold out there. That means lots of people take advantage of it!

Taking Advantage of Baby Ladybugs

Recently, people become more aware of ladybirds, either as a pet or garden’s decoration. However, not all of them can nurse these well and lack information regarding how to take care of it.

The simplest method to add the population of baby ladybugs in the garden is to buy them from the market. The best place to buy, in this case, is a local nursery. One thing, the price varies based on quality.

After purchasing baby ladybirds, the next thing to do is to release them right away into the garden. There is a precaution, though. The lawn should not be contaminated by pesticides.

Even though pesticides may kill harmful insects, it may get rid of beneficial ones, too. Thus, it is better to let the garden as natural as possible, for creating a healthy habitat for the ladybugs.

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Collecting Baby Ladybugs from the Wild

Collecting Baby Ladybugs

There is another method to get baby ladybugs aside from purchasing. It is none other than to hunt them in the wild. The best places to catch them are the bottoms of leaves and under barks or piles.

Next, before releasing them into a garden, it is better to keep them in a cool place indoors. What is the reason?

The cold may reduce their metabolism, so they can survive longer despite the scarce of foods (before the release). This is called a dormant state. However, don’t keep them too long!

There is a regular limit of dormant state, which is around 7 hours. If they take longer than that, the cold may exterminate them. This becomes a common mistake, so everyone should pay attention to it.

Choosing the Right Time for Releasing Them

According to experts and passionate ladybug breeders, the best time to release this insect into the garden is at dusk. As for the best place, it would be the base of plants.

After the sunset and twilight are also recommended times to release them. These times are the best for baby ladybugs for resting right away first before exploring the lawn. Thus, they won’t get stressed and tired after the release.

Some important qualities that ladybugs must get are a shelter, water, and foods. These aspects determine how comfortable the garden is. Baby ladybugs will grow, stay, and lay eggs healthily then.

Caring for the Babies

Those who want to breed or take care of baby ladybugs must learn several things first. It is because wrong treatments may lead to deaths and stresses among those insects.

The most important thing is indeed food. Make sure to scatter these babies around plants that have lots of aphids. The easiest way is to find plants having infestations of that pest.

Releasing the babies in a place where plenty of foods and water exist is the best. Aside from at infested plants, it can be flowering buds too. Next, don’t forget to water these plants softly to keep the moisture.

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Characteristics of Baby Ladybugs

For the information, baby ladybugs have a different shape or appearance as compare to the adults. In terms of size, they are about half an inch long. Their color is either dark blue or black.

They have orange stripes and look like a tiny alligator and are quite voracious, especially when eating aphids. Here is a fact. The moms would lay eggs amongst aphid colonies.

This way, the babies or larvae have instant access to food source immediately. Also, for humans, the presence of ladybugs indeed helps them to get rid of those troublesome garden pests!

Here is a fact. A single baby ladybug can eat dozens of aphids each day! It is because they have a high appetite. Moreover, they won’t discriminate. Even these babies would eat ladybug eggs, as well!


In other words, there won’t be a problem in taking care of a baby ladybug or even a group of it, as long as everyone has enough information.

The most important aspect is the habitat, which must be comfortable, safe, and has lots of food sources. The babies are prone to predators either, so make sure to get rid of those troublemakers later.

As for the purpose, it varies. Some people breed ladybugs as a hobby while others want to make use of these insects for eradicating aphid infestation in their garden!

Regardless of the reason, ladybugs would be always popular out there (even among those who don’t like gardening).

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