Are Foxes Dangerous? A Guide to Get to Know More about Foxes

Are foxes dangerous? That is a common question you may frequently hear about foxes, but actually, they do not pose threats to humans. Foxes belong to the family Canidae, including jackals, wolves, and dogs.

Types of Foxes

Foxes are smaller and have long and thin legs, pointed nose and bushy tail, which make them conspicuous from their relatives. There are about 37 species of foxes, some of which belong to the genus Vulpes or true fox.

These are the most popular of true foxes including, Red Fox, Arctic Fox, Kit Fox, Fennec Fox, and the Gray Fox.

Fox attacks to humans are rare, but they have been framed as dangerous mammals. In reality, they are timid and reclusive, and they fear us more. They will attack when they are disrupted or when they are defending themselves, their kits, or dens.

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Are Foxes Dangerous To Pets?

Foxes may eat small newborn animals or attack small pets if they get too close to them. However, it is not likely to attempt to attack people, dogs or cats because they do not consider them as prey.

Foxes are seen dangerous if they are rabid although the chance to happen is said to be rare. If you have livestock, you should give them full protection as foxes may prey on livestock such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chickens.

You can evade a fox attack with building fence, keeping your pets or livestock inside in safe cages. You may spot them eating near a garbage can and make a mess around it, but it could be dogs or cats that are responsible for that.


Foxes feed on plenty of source food, including, rabbits, poultry, insects, worms, and berries. They might go to your garbage around your house or come into your house if they find an entrance looking for food or leftover.

All you have to do is to make sure that you lock the doors and windows. Never try to threaten them by trying to catch them as they may defend themselves and get aggressive, which can be dangerous.

How to Drive Them Away

There is nothing to worry about if you see a fox runs or passes by your yard, as it may be just about to start hunting for prey. Although foxes would also eat several fruits, they will not likely harm your garden vegetables.

They are afraid of loud noises. You can make some noise to drive them away from your yard or house if they come in. Throwing stuff such as shoes or baseballs to scare them would also work as they’re afraid of people.


Unlike wolves and coyotes, foxes tend to hunt alone. They would look for anything edible to survive. They are nocturnal; it means they mostly active during nights, and take a rest during the daytime.

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Foxes would create a burrow as their home in which it can be a safe area from predators, and a comfortable place to rest and to save food. They’re smart in building their tunnels as they create some rooms including some exits through which they can escape if any predator comes in.

Foxes give birth during the spring season. It would likely for you to see fox kits out of the dens after a month after they were born. Both red and gray foxes would likely dig a den for raising their kits.

Are fox dangerous? From the story above, you can decide whether foxes are dangerous animals or not.

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