Animals that Start with M for Distinct Appearance and Names

Magpie Flying

Teacher often ask student to provide the answer for animals that start with M. The names seem simple and everyone might know them. Mastiff and Maine coon are several names that you may put into answer. Both are animals, but only breed of certain one. Mastiff is the dog and Maine coon is the cat. The examples of the right answers are macaw, meerkat, and mandrill.

Most of animals are unfamiliar except you do reading many books or conduct small research regarding animal. The next list will put several animals that start with M that solely animal without attribute based on region, breed, etc. Malayan tiger starts with M as well as Malayan bird, Malayan cat, and others. However, they will not be included in the following list.

1. Mouse


When asking about animals that start with M, you may answer based on what you commonly see in real life.

The simplest one is mouse. This name refers to rodent with small body and tail that lives in many places. Mouse consists of many species, but the term mouse is relatively for the one that’s mostly at house.

2. Moose


Moose is one of deer with bulk body and unique horns. The males have excess coat especially during winter. Meanwhile, the females are relatively smaller, but still big enough compared to other species in the same family.

This animal is mostly in Northern hemisphere and considered endangered due to massive hunting. Moose is the top prey for wolf in wildlife.

3. Mosquito


Another popular name is mosquito. It is insect with sharp nostril to absorb human blood. Research showed only female mosquitos do such thing because they need extra protein for their eggs. Mosquitos become animals that carrying parasites for several diseases.

4. Monkey


One name that’s capable to refer many species is monkey. In fact, you can put this name as one of popular answers for animals that start with M.

Monkey is the term for primate that lives in many regions, such as Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Most of them have the same figures, but the distinction comes from their specific traits that different each other.

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5. Macaque


The most common monkey to be found is macaque. It consists of several species that spread in many countries around the world. Mostly, they have small figures with athletic body.

Macaque becomes one of animal that can tolerate human, but suitable for daily pet. In some place, this kind of monkey is invasive animal which may destroy the field and crop.

6. Mallard


Another animal that’s easy to find is mallard. It is wild duck that starts to live in human territory. Based on genetic research, mallard is ancestor of what today called as domesticated duck.

It has the same figures compared to common duck. The males have green plumage, while the females are brown. Mallard lives nearby water and consumes almost anything. In certain region, this duck is invasive species because it is capable to produce fertile offspring with other ducks.

7. Mantis


One of animals that start with M is mantis. This animal consists of several subspecies, but praying mantis is the most common one.

It is insect with flexible body and pair of front legs that turn into arms for preying. Mantis is capable to maintain pray position when prepared capturing other insects or small mammals.

8. Manatee


Manatee is aquatic mammal similar to dugong with large body and slow motion movement. This animal is also called as sea cow due to similar behavior, except living under water. In wildlife, manatee is herbivore that consumes plant and grass.

9. Macaw


The next name for animals that start with M is Macaw. You will recognize this bird from their fancy color and distinct behavior. Macaw is term for several species, but you may refer one and another with the same Macaw. This bird is usually for pet and, wildlife Macaw is mostly in tropical forest.

10. Meerkat


Meerkat is mammal that lives in Africa desert and savanna. They live in group consisting of 10 to 20 meerkats. One unique trait is their binocular eyes that capable to provide clear vision.

Another distinct characteristic is capability to stand in two legs. This animal lives in burrow and hunts their small prey at night.

11. Mandrill


Another option of animals that start with M is Mandrill. This one is primate with colored face mostly in read. In term of appearance, Mandrill looks like baboon with strong and muscular body.

This primate lives mostly in countries with vast tropical forest especially in Africa. Mandrill has Latin name as Mandrillus sphinx.

12. Marmot


Marmota is genus that commonly refers to marmot. Several species are in this group with their distinct traits. However, most of marmots have stout body, short legs alongside sharp claw, and rodent-like head.

Marmots live in many areas, especially in America continent due to native species. Local people hunt them for meat and skin. As one of animals that start with M, marmot should be in this list.

13. Millipede


Millipede is animal that belongs to Arthropod, especially Diplopod. The body is flat with many segments, and each has pair of legs. Even though millipede looks menacing, you do not have to worry about this one. Millipede is harmless and only eats decaying parts. Some of them are carnivores that capable to do hunting small insect.

In addition, millipede is important part in ecosystem because of its capability to destroy rotten thing effectively. This animal is mostly in attic, burrow, ground, or any place with relatively high moisture.

14. Mongoose


Mongoose is the name for several small mammals that looks like dog or fox. However, it has stout nostril and short legs that flexible enough for hunting small prey. Some of them live as solitary animal. Moreover, meerkat is mongoose that lives in burrow with group.

15. Mayfly


Mayfly is another answer for animals that start with M. This animal is insect that lives in aquatic area, such as river, like, and pond. In nature, you can tell clean environment and water based on existing mayfly.

The appearance is similar to dragonfly with short back and wide wings. It consumes many things including other insects with smaller size.

16. Moth


Moth and butterfly are always interchangeable due to similar appearance. In fact, butterfly is part of moth with distinct figures. The simplest way to decide whether insect is moth or butterfly is from their antennas.

Most butterfliesare sharp long with pointed thing at end. On contrary, moth has feathered style antenna and mostly stays in hidden habitat. You can find moth in corner, tree, or any place where always in static position. Moth is rare to fly around, except certain species.

17. Markhor


Mountain goat with spiral horn is what people call as Markhor. The name is from local word that adopts into common term for this kind of goat. Markhor has capability to be in mountain terrain.

They can move around easily and will have thick coat during cold season. The males have long horn that spread at it tip. On the other side, females also grow horn but shorter and less curled. This animal is considered as endangered even near extinct due to several problems.

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18. Magpie


Magpie is one of animals that start with M that bird closely related to crow. The appearance is more colorful, such as dark blue, white, and grey in single species.

Magpie is considered as unique bird with high intelligent capability. Based on testing, they can match some mammals at certain point, even though bird is lack of brain development. In certain cultures, magpie is animal that brings luck and prosperity.

19. Mouse deer

Mouse deer

The next name in the list of animals that start with M is called mouse deer, although the local name is not using letter M. Mouse deer is not real deer due to elongated head and small figures.

Their habitat is mostly in Asia, especially in the area with vast tropical forest. They are herbivore and become prey to many local carnivores. Until now, mouse deer is endangered species that’s rare to see in the nature. Sanction and protection are applied to this animal in order to prevent them from extinction.

20. Mara


Mara is large rodent lives in Argentina. It has appearance that resembles rabbit, but with shorter ears. As rodent, they live in area with massive grass and soil. Mara likes low ground forest with many plants that cover the ground surface.

They live in group that consist several pairs, including children and young ones. One unique trait from Mara is monogamy behavior. One male only lives with one female. In exception condition, the male can breed with other females, but it is not common. Basically, they are rabbit with different appearance and style.

From the list above, you know that some animals that start with M are familiar. Mouse, monkey, and mosquito are common to find. However, specific animals have distinct name and only local people know it.

You may conduct further searching to know more about their biological aspect, behavior, characteristic, Latin name, and others. Besides what have been listed, other animals also start with M letter. Some of them are quite popular and easy to recognize.

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