15+ Amazing Animals that Start with B

Animals that Start with B

Someone may ask you about animals that start with B. Well, the animal with word that always comes in mind is bird. That word uses B at the first letter. Everyone knows about bird, but the answer is too obvious. Bird might be eagle, falcon, macaw, kingfisher, even the duck and chicken are part or bird.

Learning about animal is interesting subject. You will find the unknown and rare names because only few people know about them. Besides, such learning is good way for children in order to improve their vocabulary. To explore more about the topic related to animal names that use B as the first letter, you may read the following sections.

1. Bear


The most recognizable animal is bear. You will find bear in southern and northern hemisphere, even in equatorial area. Bear consists of several species with distinct characteristic, but still has similar basic figures. It has appearance like dog with extensive coat and bulk body.

This animal has strong legs that are capable to capture their prey, although some of them are capable to endure herbivore consumption. One particular species is polar bear that has bright grey coat and lives in arctic hemisphere.

2. Bat


One of animals that start with B is bat. You may recognize this animal by large wing integrated into their forelimb. Bat is mammal that can fly and better than bird in term of short maneuver. You might only see bats as nocturnal animal and active only at night.

In order to control their wings, they have sensor to recognize sound wave with wide range frequency compared to normal human. Bat relies on their ears to explore their surroundings. They have several species from small to giant ones. Commonly, bats eat almost everything, such as fruits, insects, even rodent or bird.

3. Buffalo


Buffalo is another example of animals that start with B. As similar to bird, buffalo itself is the vast group with many species. The term buffalo is commonly for bubaline that consists of African buffalo, water buffalo, and others with similar characteristic.

This animal is mammal that’s commonly for meat production, farming industry, and other purposes. That is for domesticated buffalo which you find easily at farm. For wild species, they are mostly in forest with vast grassland. Buffalo has pair of horns that always grow as long as they live.

4. Baboon


Baboon is primate that’s known as part of Old World monkeys because it only exists in Africa or Asia. Unlike other primates, they are mostly in terrestrial area, which means rare to sleep or have activity in tree.

Based on that characteristic, they have strong arms, the jaw similar to canine, and appearance with snout like dog. This animal lives in pack or group with one male as leader. They are considered not friendly animal to outsider and very dangerous due to extensive aggressiveness.

5. Badger


Badger is mammal with short leg and long body. The face is long snout with relatively big nose compared to the entire head. This animal is in the same group as weasel due to similar characteristic.

Badger is capable to scratch and dig the soil in order to find their prey, such as small rodents, insects, bird, etc. Most of badgers rely on balance diet between carnivore and herbivore that puts this animal as omnivore. However, they will do hunting if necessary.

6. Beaver


Beaver is large rodent that lives nearby river or lake. This animal has unique figure that make them have capability to do swimming quickly. Beaver is known as animal which is capable to build dam. They do such thing as part of nature instinct. Their canal or dam is for floating the food and protection from predators.

In rodent specification, beaver is at second place for the largest rodent after capybara. They live in pack consisting of several beavers that work together to gather foods and build canals. When you want to know animals that start with B, beaver is the simplest one to remember.

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7. Bee


The next animal is bee that’s popular with the honey production. In Animalia kingdom, bee is insect which lives in social group consisting of several workers, queens, and guards. The workers are bees that have responsibility to feed the queen and look for nectar.

They are honey producer and guards which will protect from external force. The queen has one job to reproduce as much bees as possible. One colony builds beehive in higher ground, mostly in the area with vast flower garden.

Some bees live alone, not a part of colony and become predator that hunts the other bee species. Most teachers in kindergarten use bee as example of animals that start with B because it is easy to pronounce for kids.

8. Bandicoot


Bandicoot is a part of marsupial with small size. The name refers to 20 species with distinct characteristic, but related each other. As marsupial, they have unique uterine and reproductive system.

Bandicoot is nocturnal and lives nearby human due to lack of wild habitat. Research showed bandicoot is capable to transport disease for cattle, cow, poultry, and sheep.

9. Barracuda


Barracuda is fish with monster-like appearance and lives in deep water. They have fang and snake-like face with long body that’s capable to maneuver easily.

Barracuda is predator fish with ferocious behavior. It is capable to turn into invasive fish when you accidently release this one in unknown salt water. They will attack, reproduce, and feed anything until the entire ecosystem changes.

Barracuda lives in many seas and ocean around the world. Barracuda is the advanced level when you learn animals that start with B. You need extra spelling technique to do properly.

10. Barnacle


Barnacle is animal you mostly hear every time, but rare to recognize the real appearance. It belongs to crustacean that has the same characteristic as shrimp and crab, although the latter one is arthropod. Barnacle lives in deep and shallow water. It is capable to reproduce extensively in proper environment.

11. Babirusa or babyrousa

Babirusa or babyrousa

Babyrousa is indigenous animal in Sulawesi, Indonesia. You will not find this animal in other areas, even though it is still part of Wallace region. Babirusa is native pig with large tusks that grow in their snout. Nowadays, only few of them are easily spotted, and this species is in brink of extinction due to massive hunting.

Taxonomy is similar to common pig with bulk body in order to do running quickly. However, overall size is smaller compared to other pigs in the same category. Moreover, the tusks grow extensively as a part of nature protection.

12. Beetle


Beetle consists of 400,000 species and each has distinct characteristic. In order to recognize insect as beetle, you just check their wings whether hardened or not. Most beetles have normal insect-like body except wing configuration that’s capable to keep in place while they do not fly.

Beetle lives in around the world from southern to northern hemisphere. They also have various sizes from small to large one that you might be worry when touching them.

The foods are insect, invertebrate, fungi, plant debris, dead animal, tree, leaves, and fruits. Well, beetle is the easy example for animals that start with B.

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13. Butterfly


Lepidoptera consists of butterfly and moth as insect with vast wings and delicate body. Butterfly has colorful wings and long antenna at their head. Most people are easy to spot butterfly due to extensively flying during daylight.

However, they are the target to other predators due to flashy wings. Butterfly has metamorphosis lifecycle from caterpillar until become what known as butterfly

14. Bison


The next one in list of animals that start with B is bison. For your information, America might call bison as buffalo, but both are different species. Bison shares the same characteristic with buffalo in term of body structure, ruminant behavior, horns, and coating.

This animal has big size with bulk body compared to normal buffalo. In wildlife, bison is mostly solitary with less than ten animals in one pack. They live nearby grassland and river as their food resource.

Bison might be one of animals with rare predator. Even though wolves can take them down, bison is relatively not much predator prey. That’s why their number is always stable, unless the disease is spread.

15. Bobcat


The last one for animals that start with B is bobcat that shares the same characteristic with Lynx, but in smaller figure. It has painted coat with dark grey or brown. Bobcat is wild animal with high adaptable capability.

This species lives in forest, mountain terrain, or nearby suburban area in Canada and United States. They prefer hare and rabbit as their diet. However, they might be invasive predator because they attack and kill other animals like duck, chicken, rodent, deer, and insect. Even though bobcat is not endangered animal, the number decreases slowly due to lack of fertility.

Some animals above are familiar, such as bee, bat, beetle, bison, bear, and buffalo. You can also find beaver, bandicoot, and bobcat. Babirusa or babyrousa is originated not from English world, but still reliable to be included in list of animals that start with B. You may explore the animals based on local language at certain regions and compare to English version.

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