Understanding Lizards Home and Build the Coziest One at Home

where do lizards live

Our earth is a beautiful place where gorgeous animals enjoy their beautiful life. And among the wonderful animals, lizards are the most exotic one – at least for lizard lovers. If you’re one of those cute creatures, you may want to meet them in the wild. This means you must know where do lizards live so you can find them directly in their home.

So we’re going to tell you the habitats of lizards where you can see them. We’ll also help you to build a great home for lizards so wild lizards or the lizards you want to pet would love to stay with you. Keep reading and gather as many details as you need.

Where Do Lizards Live In the Wild?

Lizards Live In the Wild

1. Lizards live in deserts

Nobody wants to live in deserts because of its precipitation deficiency that ends up with barren land. But deserts are perfect home for some plants and animals including cactus and lizards. Lizards that live in deserts are including western banded gecko, desert iguana, zebra tailed lizard, common chuckwalla, Texas horned lizard, Gila monster, and Mojave black collared lizard.

2. Lizards living in tropical forests

Tropical forests have rich biodiversity that are also perfect home for many species of lizards. Most lizards living in tropical forests have green color that eases them in camouflaging between the environments that’s identical with lush green characteristic in their habitat. Dragon lizards, chameleons, geckos, flying lizards, and skinks are some lizards living in tropical forests.

3. Extreme lizards living in volcanic island

Indonesia is home of famous unique lizards called Komodo Dragons. These unique lizards live in a special island named Komodo Island. Fly to the east part of Indonesia and you’ll find volcanic island where there are hundreds of this lizard. You are not allowed to get close to this lizard and touch it without the guide watching. Join a tour to interact with this lizard.

4. Geckos living in Eurasian grasslands and Pacific waters

Some geckos live in Eurasian grasslands while the others can’t live without water. In Pacific, there’s water dwelling lizard called Marine Iguana. Marine iguana is from Galapagos Islands, they live in sea’s vicinity. Besides, this lizard needs to find foods from the water as well. If you really love lizards, don’t hesitate to look for those lizards in their natural habitat.

Building Nice Home for Lizards

Building Nice Home for Lizards

If you want to have lizard as your pet, you must keep the lizard comfortable by preparing habitat that’s truly similar to its natural habitat. Lizards would love to stay in untidy gardens. Make sure your garden has places lizards can use to hide, rest, eat, and hunt. You must also provide shelter lizards can use when the weather is too cold and too hot.

Keep in your mind that lizards love holes since they’re territorial. Lizards would love to have their special space. Create some holes in lizards’ body size between five to nineteen millimeters wide. Don’t forget to provide escape sites for lizards. You can build it from old iron. Grow some plants around the escape sites so the site will look natural and tidy.

Go get a place that’s sunny, dry, and warm. That place will be the lizards’ favorite place to cover. While making the cover for your lizards, use wood piles and rocks. Stacked stones, bricks, and concretes that have plenty of holes and cracks are great cover for your lizards. Beetles and spiders will be invited to come when the weather is cold. That’s how you feed the lizards.

Keep the lizards happy by pilling some dead woods. Some woods and logs will rot slowly. The fungi will then grow. The fungi will recycle the rotting wood. The woods will then become attractive for birds, snails, and slugs. Also make sure that your garden has enough plants to attract lizards. Lizards will find safe habitat between various plants where they can hide from dangerous animals like cats.

Plant some plants producing nectar and berry. Those plants are not only act as home for lizards but they also provide foods for lizards. Some plants that are recommended to attract lizards are kawakawa that produces flax and fruit, also rata that produces nectar. Vines such as climbing rata and clematis will connect the habitats of lizards. Cabbage trees are perfect cover place.

Provide humid environment so your lizards would love to stay. Humid environment will also invite invertebrate preys to come so you’ll help your lizards getting their foods. Grow plants organically and use less sprays in order to make sure that the insect population is good. Make your vines grow along the walls so the lizards can move down and up easily.

Don’t you think it is so easy to create a nice home for lizards, especially if you knew where do lizards live? Ask your kids to join you in building the home for lizards so they can learn many things about the beautiful nature.

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