Various Healthy and Unhealthy Foods for Worms

what do worms eat

Trying to raise your own worms? No wonder you’re here now, looking for details about what do worms eat. Whether you’re raising your worms to feed your reptiles or growing farm worms or you want them for other purposes, finding the right foods for worms is essential. Farm worms need to be healthy so make sure they don’t grow in toxic environment.

Your farm worms should also eat the right foods so they won’t get sick and cause bad effects to your farm. Worms would love to eat organic foods. You better check out these healthy and dangerous foods for worms to provide the right ones for your farm worms.

What Do Worms Eat?

1. Scraps of vegetables and fruits

Scraps of vegetables and fruits

Farm worms would like to eat foods especially when the foods start to decompose. Provide brown and green foods for your farm worms. Scraps of fresh veggies and fruits are their favorite. Feed farm worms with foods that have lower acidity. Foods with strong flavors are not farm worms’ favorite. Avoid garlic, onion, and citrus since your farm worms won’t like them.

2. Egg shells to keep farm worms healthy

Egg shells will help neutralizing worm bin’s pH levels. If necessary, adding some agricultural lime is also a brilliant idea. Egg shells also contain high calcium which is really good for your farm worms. When farm worms eat lots of fruit, they bin’s acidity will increase because of high sugar level contained by the fruit. Feeding the worms with egg shells will balance the worm bin.

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3. Keeping farm worms cozy with shredded papers

shredded papers

Shred and soak papers in water to keep your farm worms cozy. The papers you can use are including shredded newspaper, cardboard, and egg cartons. This will provide bedding material for your farm worms. When they feel better they’ll grow healthier and happier.

4. Dangerous foods for farm worms

Do not feed your farm worms with dangerous foods like oils, dairy, and meat. Feeding farm worms with dairy products and meat will make your farm worms get bad odor. This isn’t good since the bad odor of your farm worms will attract pests.

5. Harmful foods for farm worms

Foods contain preservatives, spicy foods, and salty foods are not good option for your farm worms. Your farm worms will breathe through skin. The harmful foods mentioned above are going to irritate the breathing process of your farm worms. You don’t want to lose your farm worms, do you?

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6. Snacks for farm worms

Snacks for farm worms

You can sometimes feed your farm worms with grain products and grains themselves. Before bringing the grains to your worm bin, you better ground up the grains first. Do not add too many grains since they will attract rodents.

7. Unhealthy foods for farm worms

Do not feed your farm worms with papaya, pineapple, and tomatoes. Papaya and pineapple are acidic and contain enzymes which are dangerous since they can kill farm worms. Tomatoes are also acidic even though they have no dangerous enzymes.

8. Best foods to avoid

The other dangerous foods for farm worms are pasta, rice, and bread. Too many pasta and rice will heat up your farm worms and attract rodents. Bread can also attract rodents and can be dry and hard and dangerous for farm worms. Also avoid feeding your farm worms with grass since grass can heat up and cause your farm worms to die.

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The Right Ways to Feed Farm Worms

Right Ways to Feed Farm Worms

When feeding your farm worms, cover the food scraps with bedding material. Or you can also use worm blanket and paper. These materials will keep the foods of farm worms moist and dark. So your farm worms will be encouraged to come and eat. Besides, this way is going to discourage some pests like fruit flies.

Combining worm farm with compost bin outside is a genius idea. Add fewer preferable foods that are more acidic and harder into the compost bin outside. If you own extra food waste your farm worms cannot handle, top up your compost bin outside. Don’t you think it is a brilliant idea?

Be careful in feeding your farm worms since so many foods contain high water content. For example, cantaloupe contains 90% water. Farm worms eat around half of body weight. When you start new bin, your farm worms will take one or two weeks to adapt to new place. You should not expect that your new farm worms will be totally productive.

A thousand worms’ weight is about five hundred grams or a pound. If you have a thousand worms, feed them with two hundred and fifty grams or half pound of foods. Understanding those details about what do worms eat and how to feed them properly will lead you to success. So add those foods to your list and follow the instructions in feeding your farm worms.

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