What Do Quail Eat? The Information Would Astonish You

Have you ever heard the name of poultry called quail? This is a collective name of a small species of bird. People recently breed this cute animal for its eggs and meats. So, what do quail eat?

This article would provide information related to this bird’s favorite diets, eating behaviors, habits, breeding, and other related facts. Before that, you need to know about the two most common families out there.

Two families dominate quail. They are the New World and Old World quail. The difference lies in the shape, size, and favorite place to live. Still, they have several common favorite foods!

About Quail

Before talking about their foods, it is better to know further about this bird. For instance, it is related to their appearance. They have a rounded and small size. The wings are long and the males have a white-eye stripe.

As for the habits, most of them live in a group or flock. When being cornered, they tend to run or creep away instead of flying! They also hide in crops to get easier access for foods.

Male quail often make a unique repetitive song at different times of the day, including at night, in the evenings, and mornings. Next, once small quail reaches the age of 8 weeks, they would wander across different habitats!

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Adult Quail’s Favorite Foods

Full-grown quail have various types of favorite diets. Still, captivated and wild quail have different preferences. Have no worries. Most of them have the same taste in foods.

1. Grains and Seeds

It is safe to say that quail love seeds and grains the most. Regardless of the species, they would choose these as compared to other types of foods. They only look for other foods to balance their nutrition intake!

2. Insects and Small Creatures

Even though quail’s prime foods are grains and seeds, they do hunt small animals sometimes. For instance, they are fond of insects! You may see many quail chicks would eat a large number of bugs when growing up.

3. Veggies

The next favorite foods are vegetable matters. This animal may eat various types of plant materials, especially leaves. There is a species called Gambel’s quail that live in deserts. They like to eat cactus fruit!

4. Commercial Foods

Due to an increase of quail breeders, more commercial food products are available in the market. These have standards, so you can buy them safely. The prime requirement is the consistent size of the food particle.

Quail Chicks’ Diet

More people are interested in raising quail from eggs. They decide to hatch these and give proper shelter to the chicks. The question is whether small quail eat the same foods as adults or not.

Even though the chicks can eat the same foods as adults, they need to digest softer diets. That means you need to cut the foods in smaller and more delicate pieces.

The next great option is to provide chicks with commercial food products. These are called a starter mix. However, this type of diet should be given during the first month only.

Once quail chicks pass through the first month of their age, they are ready for a grower-mix food product. In addition, you can give a supplement, especially greens.

How Quail Hunt 

Even though people start to breed quail in a large number and feed them with supplements or commercial food products, wild quail are still dominant. This explains why you can easily find them in various habitats out there.

So, how do they hunt in the wild? Most of them would chase and hunt insects. It is because they do not only eat grains or vegetables. They eat insects to improve their protein intake.

As mentioned before, small quail or chicks would depend on insects in the first month of their age. At first, the parents would provide this source of food for them. Later, they would hunt independently.

Breeding Quail is Possible

Even though quail can easily hunt for foods in the wild, they need special care sometimes (especially those who live in a cage or breeding site). They are not fussy when it comes to diets, though.

Feeding quail is easy. You only need to learn their age to give appropriate foods. Insects are the best food for the chicks. Later, you can provide grains and veggies. As for the drink, freshwater is the best choice.

Here is a precaution. Once quail have reached a mature age, you need to give them balanced foods. That means both the texture and nutrients are suitable to them. In this case, you need to consult an expert first.

Feeding quail is also determined by the reason what you are growing them for. Some people look for eggs while others are into meat, after all. Thus, the type and portion of the foods may different.

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Eating Behavior and Habitats

Quail are both solitaire and social when it comes to food hunting. That means they can survive well in the wild regardless of the number of their friends. In this case, you need to learn about their habitats as well.

Wild quail often hide in the scrub, corners of housing, and weeds. They also make a unique sound ‘chuck-chuck-chuck’. This indicates that they are near to us!

With more than a hundred species that scatter around the world, they indeed become an interesting creature to learn. It is said they live in all continents except Antarctica.

It is true quail often hunt for foods near to human’s habitat. However, they still love to gather around hillsides and tall grasses. These include when they are eating, mating, and nesting.


Quail is a small and delicate animal. They have many species and live across the nations. Even though most of them live in the wild, they also become a perfect commodity for breeding.

Simply said, quail are categorized as a bird. Despite the fact, it is rare to see them flying either when fleeing from predators or hunting foods.  

Well, after reading the information above, you may have learned many things. So, what do quail eat? Their favorite choice would be grains and veggies. Sometimes they eat insects to gain extra protein and nutrients.

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