What Do Opossums Eat? Some Enlightening Facts!

What Do Opossums Eat

In the world of mammal, opossums are indeed unique. They belong to a marsupial family and can be found easily in South America and other parts of America Continent. Plus, their diets are flexible!

Despite opossums and possums are marsupials, they are different, including in the term of foods. So, what do opossums eat? Many people are concerned about this fact, so this article would be useful.

In a nutshell, they eat various types of foods, which make them a supple eater. Their capability of adapting to different conditions and locations makes them breed easily, as well. Here is more info about them.

Baby Opossums’ Diets

Baby Opossums’ Diets

Naturally, all babies need their parents to survive. What about baby opossums? Sometimes, humans find a neglected or lost baby opossum and decide to raise it. However, it requires some considerations.

First, these babies need hydration to live. Therefore, it needs to check their condition often, especially during the hot season. The most recommended choice is applesauce (for 4-inches babies).

If babies live with their parents, they can survive well. However, for lost ones, humans can raise those using special treatments. For example, it requires tube feeding every 2 hours.

In the age of 7 weeks, they can start eating mashes of blended foods. As an extra, you can include formula milk to boost their calcium level. The fact is that they may suffer calcium deficient at that age.

One thing, it is not recommended to overfed baby opossums with milk. It may kill them! Instead, you should use a special utensil with a shallow depth. This way, the animal can drink independently.

Later, as the age increase and the teeth grow, they can start eating some chunks of chicken or meat. Moreover, you can choose different pet food as supplements. The fun begins here, as you can feed freely.

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Adult Opossums’ Diets

Adult Opossums’ Diets

An opossum is considered an adult once he developed at least fifty teeth. At this stage, he can eat almost everything! These include various foods and vegetables. Somehow, his diets are similar to possums’.

Adult opossums indeed have favorite foods, including chopped fruits like berries, apple, melon, and grapes. As for vegetables, they are likely to eat carrots, turnips, and other common veggies in the garden.

The fact is that they eat other foods aside from vegetables and fruits. For instance, they would eat meats, fishes, and eggs. Tuna, sardines, and scrambled eggs are their favorites. Well, what is more?

As an alternative, adult opossums are willing to eat worms, insects, worms, and bugs. However, this must come in a large portion. It is because they won’t get full easily from those types of foods.

Here is a fact. Opossums are scavengers. That means they won’t refuse to eat leftovers and garbage. They even eat nuts, birdseed, and pet food. This explains why they can survive well in the wild.

Opossums are omnivores. As mentioned before, they eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats. When hunting, they may eat some small animals like birds, frogs, snails, and slugs, too!

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Teeth and Mouth Anatomy

Teeth and Mouth Anatomy

To learn their diets, it is recommended to know about their teeth anatomy as well. For the information, adult opossums have the most teeth as compared to other mammals.

They have 50 sharp teeth! These help them to chew meats and other hard foods. Moreover, they take advantage of these to threaten enemies. When cornered, they would expose and show their teeth!

Even though they look scary and aggressive, they rarely bit. Their pointy teeth are meant to chew and eat, after all.

Hunting Foods

Opossums Hunting Foods

It can be said opossums are both beneficial and troublesome to humans. For instance, they would help to get rid of pests either at home or garden. They hunt foods at night and are considered nocturnal.

On the other side, they are used to scavenge. Despite their ingressiveness, this troublesome behavior is indeed irritating. It is because they often dig garbage to find food. They also raid gardens!

If you want to watch their hunting activities, it is recommended to go at night at streams, swamps, bogs, and other wet areas. For additions, they also like to spend their time on trees.

Another interesting fact is related to hibernation. This creature indeed slows don’t during cold season or winter. However, they don’t hibernate. They live in holes and come only for hunting foods.

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So, what do opossums eat? As stated earlier, they are omnivores, so they eat almost anything including meats, fruits, and vegetables. Even though they are not harmful, they often become trouble for humans.

Their teeth are suitable to chew hard foods and become a tool to threaten enemies. Despite the fact, they rarely bite humans. They only open their mouth and show the teeth to scare you!

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