What Do Dolphins Eat As a Cutest Mammals in the World

What Do Dolphins Eat

What do dolphins eat  – Dolphins are so cute, aren’t they? If it can be a pet I would love to have two at home. Unfortunately, it is supposed to live in the wild, in the ocean. Even though you cannot have it at home, you can be friends with them. Visit some shores where the dolphins love to come and say hi to humans. But first, don’t forget to do some research about what do dolphins eat so you can make them come to you.

Dolphins are not like land mammals, they’re special since they’re cuter, don’t you think so? Besides, they have different lifestyle that requires different diet. So here are the entire details about dolphins’ favorite you need to understand before going to dolphins’ shores.

What Do Dolphins Eat


1 .Fishes, a lot of fishes

Dolphins love to look for fishes with their friends. They would love to come to a place where the fishes swim in abundant quantities. Dolphins are willing to swim to environments which are great sources of foods. So don’t forget to bring fishes to feed the dolphins when you’re planning to visit shores where the dolphins are used to approach.

2. Special foods for special dolphin species

Some dolphin species are special. They eat not only fishes but also the other marine mammals. Don’t worry, those dolphin species that love marine mammals live only in certain locations. Besides, only several dolphin species favor marine mammals. So you don’t have to bring some marine mammals to feed dolphins, let them look for their own meal.

3. Favorite foods of cutest mammals in the world

When you’re going to see wild dolphins in beautiful shores, prepare their favorite foods so they’ll love to be your friends. Most dolphin species would like to eat mackerel, herring and cod. Amazon dolphins and some other dolphins from certain areas would love to eat piranha and local fishes. Just bring the first three fishes instead of piranha.

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4. Tasty seafood for dolphins

No, dolphins don’t want you to cook seafood. Even so, they would love some large and small squid, sea turtles, octopus, krill, plankton, crustaceans, and cephalopods. We understand that sea turtles are too cute to be food, so if you can provide octopus or squid you can bring those foods to the dolphins. They would really love to get closer and enjoy the meal time with you.

5. Foods for bigger dolphins

Foods for bigger dolphins

Bigger dolphins such as orca whale and false killer whale will need bigger foods. They are used to consume marine mammals, marine birds, and big animals. They will only eat those big foods when they cannot find squid, crustaceans, and fish. Don’t worry, killer whale is not a human killer, it is a great friend. So bring them fishes or marine birds if you can, they would love your gift.

6. Marine mammals menu for bigger dolphins

You may want to know what bigger dolphins would eat when there’s no squid, crustaceans, and fish. Those big dolphins would like to eat walruses, sea lions, sharks, seals, seabirds, penguins, bigger whales, and even dolphins. Don’t get mad at them, we need to survive, don’t we? When those bigger dolphins can’t find smaller foods, they need to eat bigger foods, it is a normal thing.

7. Different eating style of dolphins

To understand what dolphins really love, you need to understand different species of dolphins. The ones living in open water would love to eat fish and squid. Dolphins that live along the shores would like to eat fish and bottom-dwelling animals. Dolphins may have teeth but don’t chew, they swallow the foods directly.

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How Do Dolphins Eat

How Do Dolphins Eat

When you give the dolphins smaller fishes, they will swallow the fish whole. If you give them bigger fishes, dolphins will rub the big fishes against something so they can break the fish apart. Or they are just going to shake the fishes before swallowing the foods.

Adult dolphins can eat foods around five percent of their body weight every day. So, four hundred pounds weighted dolphins can eat twenty pounds of shrimp, squid, and fish. Well, just bring the foods you can prepare for the dolphins. Mother dolphins that are nursing their babies can eat thirty pounds of same foods every day.

What about dolphin calves? During the first three months, dolphin calves will only eat mother’s milk. Three months old dolphin calves will start eating fishes while still continue eating mother’s milk for around one year and half. Dolphin calves would stay with their mamas for three years.

Since dolphins are usually traveling in group, the shores you’re about to visit may show you huge amount of dolphins swimming happily. Fortunately, you’ve learned the important facts like what do dolphins eat and how do they eat above. Now you can start preparing dolphins’ favorite foods, get your kids ready for the new experience, and say hi to the cutest mammals in this planet.

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