What Do Daddy Long Legs Eat? You Shouldn’t Miss This Info

You may have realized this fact. There are tons of spider species out there. One of them is called cellar spider, carpenter spider, or daddy long legs. Well, what do daddy long legs eat? This is an interesting question.

There is a rumor. It is said the spider has deadly venom that can kill even humans. However, it is proven as only an urban legend. Despite their scary appearance and the presence of venom, they are only deadly for their prey.

So, what animals do they eat? What kind of method do they use to hunt foods? Are they dangerous to humans? You can get the answers by reading more information in this article.

Daddy Long Leg’s Favorite Foods

Daddy Long Leg’s Favorite Foods

As mentioned earlier, daddy long logs come in several species and they have different ways to catch prey. Some of them raid other spiders’ webs to eat the inhabitant! What a bad boy!

Their favorite foods are a house, huntsman, and redback spiders. For the information, daddy longlegs is known as an aggressive and intelligent animal. Despite the fact, they are quite beneficial to humans.

Why is that? Their predation behavior helps humans to reduce the population of house spiders. So, do they only eat other spiders? If there is no prey around, they also love to hunt eggs!

Other spiders’ eggs are their second favorite diet. The method is the same. They would raid webs in search of those. Aside from raiding, they also ambush prey. It is rare to see them chasing foods, though.

Their next favorite foods are insects. To catch these, they simply build webs in strategic locations and wait for prey patiently. Once flying insects are trapped, daddy long legs bite and deliver venom to kill them.

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Babies’ Diets 

It is safe to say that daddy long legs have similar behaviors to other spiders. That means the offspring also eat their mother once they hatch. This cannibalism is quite natural.

How They Hunt

How They Hunt
How Daddy Long Leg’s Hunt

When it comes to hunting foods, most of them raid other spiders’ home or webs. They do not only eat the host but also digest the owner of the web! This aggressive behavior makes them a superior spider, therefore.

Aside from directly attacking prey, they often deceive the owner of the web. They mimic a trapped or struggle animal. The purpose is to lure the host to get close to them. What a clever animal!

One thing that makes them different from other spiders is their eating behavior. Instead of liquefying or sucking out nutrients from their prey, they would tear off and swallow it! That means they can eat solid foods well.

Even though daddy long legs look like a fragile and weak animal, they can hunt down or kill large prey like an oak bush cricket! Thanks to their venom. They can kill prey that has many times their size.

Are They Harmful to Humans?

Is the Daddy Longlegs Dangerous to Humans

Daddy long legs indeed have venom, but it is only deadly to their prey. That means the venom is weak against humans. Instead of being harmful to people, they help to control the population of hobo spiders.

Other Related Facts

Aside from learning daddy long legs’ favorite foods, you must find out other information that relates to this spider. For example, it is about their appearance!

Their body is fragile and thin. The length is only about 10 mm and the legs are about 55 mm long. Their sight is bad, so they depend on two front legs to navigate and find prey.  

The next important information is related to their habitats. Daddy long legs can be found around the world! However, there is none in Antarctica. Even though they can build webs, the design is poor as compared to others.

They choose to build webs in damp and dark areas. Caves, loose bark, and under rocks are their favorite. Not to mention they choose cellars as their home. This explains why they are called a cellar spider.  

When are threatened at their web, they often create a rapid movement. This makes the web to vibrate fast! The purpose is to drive enemies away from their home.

That threat response also becomes a reason why daddy long legs are called vibrating spiders. They also often drop or move to the corner of the web when being threatened by outsiders.

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Daddy long legs are a common animal that you can find in your house. They often live in cellars and wait for flying insects (their prey). Their thin and fragile appearance does not represent weakness, though.

In the wild, a certain species can kill a big animal like an oak bush cricket. This one uses deadly venom to weaken and kill the target! Have no worries. The venom will not kill humans.

So, what do daddy long legs eat? Based on the information above, they often raid other spiders’ webs to eat either the host or eggs. They love insects and bigger animals, too! What an interesting predator!

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