Getting Enough Foods for Corn Snakes and Best Way Feeding Corn Snakes

Corn Snakes

Having a snake as a pet is not easy. You first need to know what the snake loves to eat. Then you must understand how to feed your snake. Also, don’t forget that each different species of snake may want different foods. If you are about to pet a corn snake, you absolutely need to understand what do corn snakes eat and the way to feed it correctly.

But don’t worry, you’ll learn about corn snakes’ favorite food here. Prepare a food list for your garter snake and make sure you give your pet the healthiest foods ever. Scroll down and start filling your corn snake food list.

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What Do Corn Snakes Eat

What Do Corn Snakes Eat

1. Worst meats for carnivorous corn snakes

Though corn snake has moved from the wild to your home, it is still a carnivore. Your pet corn snake still has reactions and instincts. You must feed your corn snake with foods that satisfy your corn snake. And though your corn snake is carnivorous, you should not feed it with crickets. Your snake will think that crickets are cage companions.

2. Best meats for pet corn snakes

corn snake eat smaller mouse

Corn snakes’ favorite meat is mouse. Try feeding your corn snakes with dead mouse. Baby corn snake should be feed with smaller mouse. Full grown corn snake would love to eat bigger mouse. No matter how old your corn snake is, it will love mouse as the main course. You can also feed your corn snake with live mouse to make your snake happy.

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3. Frozen meat for your own corn snake

Frozen meat for your own corn snake

Frozen meat is another excellent choice. But if you’re going to feed your corn snake with frozen mouse, you need to let the mouse to get warm in room temperature. This is going to make your corn snake believes that the mouse is a live prey. Even though mouse is a nice food, avoid feeding your snake with wild caught mouse that may carry parasites and diseases.

4. Peeled foods for corn snakes

Before feeding your corn snakes with mouse, it is also best to cut the mouse’s skin first. This way is going to help your corn snake to digest the food more easily. Live baby mouse is a nice snack for corn snakes, especially the stressed ones. Baby mouse that’s still alive is going to be a nice snack to raise the appetite of your corn snack and make it comfortable in the new home.

5. Best snacks to treat your marvelous corn snakes

Corn snakes are used to eat frog and lizards outside in the wild. Adult corn snakes can even climb some trees and eat eggs left in unguarded nest of birds. So you can also feed your corn snake pet with frog, lizard, and quail eggs. When it comes to eggs, you should not feed your corn snake pet with eggs too often. Once in few weeks will be enough to feed corn snake with eggs.

6. Best time to feed corn snakes

Avoid feeding your corn snakes too often since your snake will take longer time than other animals to digest the food. Besides, snake is used to work for food in wild. Feed your baby corn snake once in five or seven days. Feed your adult corn snakes every seven days or ten days.

7. Assorted unique foods for corn snakes

Unlike the other pets, corn snakes aren’t picky eaters. They love to eat anything smaller than them. Main important foods for corn snakes are rodents, especially rats and mice. But you can also feed your corn snakes with reptiles like lizards and some other live amphibians, bats, birds, and moles. Young corn snakes will also love tree frogs.

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Correct Ways to Feed Your Pet Corn Snake

Feed Your Pet Corn Snake

Avoid feeding your corn snakes using your hands. Handle the prey of your corn snakes using tweezers, tongs, or forceps. Using those tools will help protecting your hand since your hand will be in safe distance, not so close to the prey so your corn snake pet will not bite you or think you’re the prey.

After touching the prey of your snake or you have another pet that is a rodent, you need to wash hands before you start feeding corn snake. If you don’t wash hands before feeding corn snakes, they’ll smell your hands and think you’re also prey.

Give privacy to your corn snake so eat comfortably. Corn snakes love eating in dark and alone. Watch until your corn snake grabs the mouse then you better close its vivarium and covering your snake’s feeding tub before leaving the room. This is going to help your new pet to adapt to new habitat. After few times feeding your corn snake this way, your corn snake will get used to the new way to eat.

Hope you can get enough details about what do corn snakes eat for your own food list.

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