What do Butterflies Eat and Drink?

What do Butterflies Eat

What do butterflies eat and drink? Well, in this article, we are going to show you anything you need to know about a butterfly in general and food eaten by other types of butterflies. For the starter, we will inform that butterflies do not eat at all.



So, what do butterflies eat then? Butterflies get their nourishment and fill their needs through drinking. Their body consists of a long narrow tube from their mouth. This thing is called a proboscis and they use it as a straw. Butterflies are commonly seen set on top of a flower and then they will drink the nectar. Other than that, they feed on small ponds on the wet areas on plants and leaves.

For your information, butterflies use their feet to taste. There are at least 6 lets and each one has sensors. Those sensors will help the butterflies to tell the taste of everything they stepped on without even sipping those things in the first place.

Where Do Butterflies Live?

There is no exact answer to that question. Butterflies love to live all over the place and it does not even have certain rules of where they live. This thing depends on the types of butterfly. For your information, butterflies are cold-blooded animals and they do not need the rule of cold and hot places to live.

However, several aspects affect butterflies to live in a certain place. They love areas with good sources of foods and they will just go away if the foods are not available anymore. If you want to attract them, you better plant a bunch of flowery plants.

The Food

The Food of butterflies

Generally, butterflies can eat anything as long as those can be dissolved in water. Other than that, they feed on nectar from flowers, mostly. However, sometimes they also take rotting fruit, pollen, dung, and sap.

Butterflies are also interested in sweat and salt due to the sodium percentage in it. You sometimes find that butterflies would land on people. This is because sodium and other minerals are crucial for their reproduction.

What caterpillars eat

What caterpillars eat

On the other hand, caterpillars do eat. They mostly eat leaves and other parts of various plants. Each caterpillar species only eat several kinds of plants or certain plant parts.

If you want to make your butterfly garden at home you need to get some good host plants. You might also need to do some research to find the best host plants for each species of butterflies.

What Eats Butterflies

What Eats Butterflies

So, there are a lot of creatures on earth that may feed on butterflies. Humans might not be able to imagine how it feels to kill a pretty creature like a butterfly but there are tons of predators that would love to make butterflies as part of their diet. The common predators include ants, wasps, dragonflies, snakes, and so on. Frogs and spiders might eat butterflies too even when they are still in the shape of eggs.

The predators love to eat good tasting butterflies. Due to this thing, some butterflies would make their body tastes bad. Monarch butterflies have such a bad taste because they eat milkweed during the caterpillar stage. Viceroy butterfly tastes good but it looks like the monarch. This is the reason why birds would not try to approach this butterfly.

However, some regions in the world include butterflies on their human’s menu. Africa, Mexico, and Southeast Asia have butterflies as part of nice appetizers or delicious desserts. These predator things make some butterflies grow fake eyes on their wings to trick them. And this is the end section of “what do butterflies eat”.

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