Awesome Fun Facts about Ladybugs (Great Information)

Ladybirds can be found almost in all parts of the world, and they have become one of the cuteness symbols. However, there are more fun facts about ladybugs that would be both entertaining and informative.

The Origin of Name

The use of “lady” in its name indeed has its history. It is based on a legend in Europe. The term mentions the Virgin Mary. In the past, pests attacked most farms in Europe and caused havoc.

Miraculously, ladybugs appeared and could eradicate those pests. This event occurred right after people prayed to the Lady Mary! No wonder, the locals started naming those insects based on it.

Its Worldwide Population

Ladybugs Population

As people may expect, ladybugs live in almost all countries, except in Antarctica and regions with extreme temperature. This stunning insect can easily be found in gardens and areas with lots of plants.

They also gather in meadows, forests, and weed patches. Plus, their lifespan is quite average, which is around 3 years (as long as there are no predators around).

Physical Appearances (Beyond the Cuteness)

Ladybugs Physical Appearances

Ladybugs are indeed known for their cuteness. Their small size ranges from 0.8 to 18 millimeters. As for the color, they come in red with black spots. However, some of them come in other colors.

The colors are varied from the bright yellow or orange to blue or gray. Some species even have white, pink, black, or brown color! Instead of black dots, some of them either come without markings or stripes at all.

Their legs are black, as well as their antenna and heads. Even though they have eyes, these won’t function well. It is because they can only tell the difference between light and dark.

Instead of using their eyes for navigating, they depend on their antenna. This helps them to feel, taste, and smell when moving. Moreover, they use their feet to smell, too!

Their legs are short, and there are about six of them. Aside from walking, as mentioned earlier, these legs help them to smell around. Does it mean they can only walk? Of course not!

They Can Fly High and Long!

Ladybugs Can Fly High and Long

Ladybugs can fly, thanks to their two pairs of wings. One of these pairs is meant for flying (the rear wings), while others are meant for protection due to stronger layers.

According to experts, ladybugs can beat their wings about thousands of times per minute! This helps them to fly despite the short distance. The fact is that they can only fly up to 2 meters.

The recent study states that ladybugs can travel up to 70 miles by flying! They can also fly above 1,000 meters and reach an amazing speed of 37 miles/hour! One thing: only adult ladybugs can fly.

They Hibernate During Winter

One of the most interesting fun facts about ladybugs is related to their behavior. They are cold-blooded insects, so they are considered diurnal. That means they would hibernate in cold seasons or winter.

Not to mention ladybugs depend on sunlight the most for doing activities like mating, feeding, and others. Later, once winter comes, they would gather and use the collective warm for hibernating.

Unique Self-Defense against Predators

Ladybugs Self-Defense

When predators come near, ladybugs would release a stinky oily fluid from their legs. Sometimes, they also play dead to survive from dangers. Still, their unique color is the best self-defense.

It is because the color looks unappealing to enemies. For additional information, these predators include birds, dragonflies, spiders, wasps, and spiders.

Still, some species of ladybugs are cannibals when running out of food sources. That means they would hunt other ladybirds and eat either eggs or larvae.

Beetles They Are

It is wrong to say that they are included in bugs’ family. The fact is that they are beetles! This explains why many experts tend to call this insect as lady beetles instead of ladybugs.

Amazing Color Variations

Amazing Ladybugs Color Variations

Ladybugs have a common color: red. This is ornamented by beautiful black dots, too. Aside from red, they also come in other stunning colors, like dull brown, majestic blue, gray, and more!

Having a bright and stunning color indeed helps ladybugs to avoid predators. It is because these colors are warning signs. Birds and other enemies would think twice to eat them, therefore.

Ladybugs for Dental Care

Surprisingly, some doctors had used ladybirds for teeth caring. They would mash up this insect and use the paste to cure problems like toothache! This was done fairly in the Victorian Times!

As a Pet!

These days, some people breed and take care of ladybugs, regardless of the purpose. Usually, they want to release these in the garden and make them a natural pest killer. Other people keep them indoors, though.


To sum up, those fun facts about ladybugs are indeed helpful to learn more about this charming insect. Despite the small size, they have lots of interesting things to know.

Thus, parents should educate their kids regarding this insect soon. It is also recommended to buy some at a local nursery later.

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