What Are The Different Types Of Car Transport Moving Services Available in US?

Article: What Are The Different Types Of Car Transport Moving Services Available in US?

When you are planning to relocate with your vehicle and you contact with your nearest auto transporter, it’s likely that they would introduce you with a list of different car transport moving services offered by the company you choose.

If you don’t have any idea about the services offered by the transport companies, it will be difficult for you to locate the right service for your vehicle.

In fact, it is a bad idea to contact transport companies first without knowing anything about the available transport services. It may happen that the company you choose does not have enough experience and equipments to transport your vehicle, so they offer you services within their limit which may not be sufficient for your specific vehicle or transportation type.

But if you don’t know about various types of car transport moving services, you can’t make any informed decision. This is why I am writing this article, so that you have a clear idea about all the transport services before you hire any company.

Open Hauler Transport Service

Open hauler auto transport service is the cheapest car transport option, in which the automobile haulers used are open. These haulers have two separate levels where the vehicles are stacked.  Usually, these haulers can afford holding up to ten standard sized vehicles at a time.

Pros: The biggest advantage of using open hauler is of course its low cost. Since it carries 10 cars at a time, the fuel and labor costs are also divided into multiple heads, reducing the shipment cost per vehicle. Also, open haulers are good for carrying unusual sized or over-sized car.

Cons: The major disadvantage lies in two levels stacking, where the vehicles stacked in low level are in vulnerable condition because the vehicles stacked in upper level may sometimes leak damaging fluid such as gasoline and that falls directly over the vehicles stacked on the lower level. Also, vehicles on open hauler are always at higher risk of environmental damages.

Enclosed Hauler Transport Service

If you have any high-end luxury, vintage or sports car, you must need enclosed car transport moving service instead of open transport. When you choose enclosed transport, it means your vehicle is free from any environmental damages such as damages caused due to dust, rain, dirt, tiny particles, sands, snow or weather.

Pros: The major advantage is safety from environmental damages. It always adds extra layer of protection by all means.

Cons: Since stacking is common for those enclosed system, where carriers carry vehicles in double stack, vehicles are still exposed to leaked fluids from vehicles on the upper stack. However, you may choose to carry your vehicle within individual container locked down and that eliminates such risk, but it costs nearly 150-200% more compared to open transport. Even if you are not choosing container system, you need to be ready to pay 75-100% more than open transport.

 Door-to-Door Vs. Terminal-to-Terminal Service

The final step of transporting is deciding whether your car will be picked up and delivered from the address you provide or you will drive the car to the company-specified storage hub from where the car will be picked up for transportation. Depending on what sort of service you need, the company send you quotes. Obviously it will be costlier, when you ask them to collect and deliver the car from / to your specified locations.

So, these are the basic car transport moving options you will be introduced to once you get in touch with any standard auto transport company with your transport requirement. Now you already know what these services mean, you can choose them and accordingly discuss the price in details with the company before you hire them to do the job for you.

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