How to Evaluate The Car Movers Ratings

Article: How to Evaluate The Car Movers Ratings

When you are looking for a reliable auto transport company, you will be advised to check out the car mover ratings with reputed review sites. If you look through the websites of the various auto transporters, you will often found that they claim they have received a high rating from certain review sites.

You should know the exact implications of these ratings if you have to make a wise choice.

What Do The Ratings Imply?

Whenever you look for the best ways to select an auto shipping company, you are always asked to check out the reputation of the company. You can and should do this by going thoroughly through the customer reviews. One convenient way of judging the efficiency of the company is to check out the ratings allotted to the company by some of the well known review sites. This rating can be in the form of grades ranging from A+ to F. Alternatively it may be depicted in the form of stars. Whatever the system, a good rating definitely helps the business.

The Factors To Calculate The Ratings

Different transport review sites use different criteria to calculate car mover ratings. Some of the most important criteria used to calculate the ratings are as follows.

  • The length of time that the company has been in operation is given due importance. It is implied that only a company which can satisfy its customers will stay in business for a considerable length of time. However the oldest is not the best. This factor is considered only in conjunction with several other factors.
  • Background information regarding the company influences the company ratings.
  • Nearly all review sites pay the greatest attention to customer complaints and other feedback. Some sites treat both the positive and the negative reviews with equal importance. Both types of reviews are followed up. However, the main emphasis is on the complaints filed by the customers and how the company responds to it. The review sites examine the nature of these customer reviews and judge their relevance. The number of complaints filed is one criterion as is the ‘seriousness’ of the complaints themselves. Some review sites follow up on the complaints. The actions taken by the concerned company in response to these complaints are also judged. The review sites determine whether the actions taken are adequate or not. A company is not obligated to respond to the complaints filed with a review site. You cannot institute legal actions for failure to respond; it will only affect the ratings of the company.
  • Most review sites collect additional information regarding any government actions pending against the company. Issues like licenses and registrations are checked out.

How Accurate Are The Ratings?

It is best to check out the car mover ratings with known transport review sites. One of the most reputable reviews is offered by the Best Business Bureau (BBB). It grades business from A+ to F. These ratings are quite dependable. If you find car movers ratings to be high, it is probably a competent company with efficient customer service.

Whenever you look up car movers rating, you have to bear one important fat in mind. Out of all the people who use the company, only a very small percentage (less than 5%) actually post a review in the review sites. Quite a few sites only do the follow up on the negative reviews. They take into account the number of complaints filed against the company and the steps taken for quick and satisfactory resolution. This actually presents an unbalanced view. Several other sites pay equal attention to the positive reviews as well. Even if both the positive and the negative reports are followed up, the total customer reports posted is so less in number compared to the number of total customers, that the results tend to be statistically not significant.

Though there are some inherent problems in the system of car movers ratings, they play a very important role in screening the companies and making your choice.


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