Famous People Assist in Advancement of Bio Fuels

Article: Famous People Assist in Advancement of Bio Fuels

People with money and celebrities have favorite causes to forward no different than other people. Bio fuels has caught the eye of several well known people who, too want to see alternative methods of heating and fueling cars than the traditional fossil fuels like gas, kerosene and diesel.

Willie Nelson, the famous country singer, co-founded a company in 2005 called Willie Nelson’s Biodiesel. Under the name BioWillie, the vegetable oil fuel is sold through an exclusive license granted to Earth Biofuels, a biofuel company in Mississippi. Funding was secured for the reconstruction of a truck stop that would dispense both ethanol and BioWillie. Willie Nelson has long been a vocal opponent of wars feeling that the countries should be not be dependent on oil producing nations. He also wanted to help the average farmer so he started this eco-friendly bio fuel partnership.

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, invested in Pacific Ethanol in 2006 to the tune of approximately eighty-four million US dollars. Although as recently as June 2008, he had divested of a large sum reducing his investment company’s stake in the firm by seven percent, he still holds many shares. In addition, sources claim that he will further reduce his stake to about half of the original investment. On the surface, it seems to be a negative for bio fuels but considering forty-two million is half of the initial investment, there still must be some interest in the new energy.

Sheryl Crow, another well known singer, toured campuses in 2007 to talk about global warming. Called the “Stop Global Warming College Tour”, the bus in which they traveled was fueled with biodiesel produced from vegetable oil.

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