DIY SUNN Solar Electric Car Kit

Article: DIY SUNN Solar Electric Car Kit

For those of you that dabble in kit cars, here is one do-it-yourself project that will help the environment and might just be a lot of fun while building. More of a novelty than an around-town vehicle, although it may be street legal in areas with lower speed limits, this solar-electric car looks like a square metal box on bicycle wheels. Called the SUNN, it is perfect for getting around trailer parks and campgrounds. And if you are worried about inclement weather and other safety hazards, that has been addressed with wiper blades, disc brakes, turn signals, mirrors, Kevlar belt tires, seatbelts and horn.

Interestingly, while they do seem a bit comical, these kit cars can be issued VINs (vehicle identification numbers) and when registered as Low Speed Vehicles or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, may be insured by several vehicle insurance companies. Much like motorized golf carts in gated communities, the SUNN solar powered electric car will save on gas and the wear and tear of taking the car out to make short jaunts to visit the neighbors or trips to the pool.

A choice between pickup truck and car, the kits include everything except the batteries, which are too expensive to ship. Both are one hundred percent rechargeable by the sun, run about twelve miles in total distance before requiring a charge, seat two people, and are waterproof.


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