Cheap Car Movers – Finding the Best Car Moving Companies in USA

Article: Cheap Car Movers – Finding the Best Car Moving Companies in USA

In today’s struggling economies, choices such as which shipping companies to use to transport your car often depend greatly on the cost of the various competitors and many prefer to go with cheap car movers.

In this article, we will find out some of the best car movers in USA that can transport your car at the most affordable price, if not cheapest. Also we will find out how to get the best deal on car transportation, so that you can save money.

Companies with Affordable Solutions

Discount Auto Transport (DAT): this company is holding a good reputation in transporting car at a consumer-friendly rate. Being a member of Better Business Bureau (BBB), DAT enjoys 100% customer satisfaction. DAT, being one of the reputable cheap car movers in USA, offers personalized services. If you place order in bulk quantities, you can expect really higher discounts from DAT.

A2B Systems Auto Transport: this company has more than fifty years of experience in the field of auto transportation and is more than competent of making your auto transportation experience a hassle free one. The company is able to provide its service to any location throughout the continental US and it has earned its good reputation due to its efficiency and affordability.

Direct Connect Auto Transport: this auto transportation company, based in the San Francisco area, offers a great deal on competitive pricing. Although their auto shipping rates depend on the usual factors like transportation type, time, distance, weight and car type, but they have not yet received any negative feedback on the pricing.

While you cannot really list them all under cheap car movers, but I have listed some pointers below that you can apply to obtain the best deal.

Basically it’s really difficult to find out a long list of auto transportation companies typically marked as ‘cheap car movers‘. In most of the cases, even if you find any, you may have to compromise the quality that you could expect from the services offered by the transport company.

Now, here are those rules that, if you follow, can help you to get the best deal from your chosen auto transportation company.

Rules to Follow

Check your insurance value: it is a must to have your car insured before being transported, but you must check your insurance value, so that it must not be overcharged. When you do not go for costly insurance coverage, you can actually save money on transportation cost.

Take the benefit of off-season: you can easily locate cheap car movers, if you plan to relocate during off-seasons. In fact, you can save a lot of money when you transport your car, since many reputed auto transportation companies reduce their rate during these seasons. Just for an instance, during snowbird season (October to March) many people migrate to warmer locations like Florida and Arizona, but this actually translates to cheaper price if you book your round trip down South and back.

Buy only what you need: in order to enjoy the benefit of cheap car movers, it is essential to check and recheck if you are buying exactly what you need or more. Many auto transportation companies provide with the additional services to secure your car’s safety at the time of transportation. But you must make it sure that you are not paying for the extras that you don’t really need.

Do research: it’s always a wise decision to do thorough research before you choose any auto transportation company. Price is not always an indicator and hence there is no reason to consider that cheap auto movers always mean poor quality service and expensive transportation company means premium quality service.

Hence invest your best time to find out if the offer is really a bargain or not, when you find out cheap auto movers to transport your car.


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